Great Painting Starts Where the Trim Meets the Wall

We’ve had thousands of people come through the front door of The Kuppersmith Project house to see the completed home. The folks at Better Homes and Gardens magazine did a fantastic job of decorating the house and choosing some really nice colors for the walls.

In the living room we have a light blue while the hallway by the stairs is a tan color. Everyone who has come through has been bragging about these colors and how nice they all look together, including the sage green in the family room. Check out our list of the Kuppersmith Project Interior Paint Colors to find out more.

Something else everyone has been talking about is how good the paint job looks. We had some great painters that worked on the project, and a sure sign of a great paint job is a nice, clean line where the trim meets the wall.

One way to get clean paint lines like this is by using FrogTape painter’s tape with PaintBlock technology. FrogTape is a premium painter’s tape that is perfect for a painting project like the Kuppersmith house.

Apply FrogTape to the painted trim, then paint the walls, and peel the tape off while the paint is still wet. You’ll end up with clean, professional lines, even if you’ve never touched a paintbrush before.


  1. Great tip. Folks who do DIY projects need to be patient with themselves and realize that getting a great outcome will take them longer than the professions who get far more practice.

    A well done paint job will be a major step in a renovation project, and your tip was a simple but very effective one.


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