Faux Marbleizing Finishing Technique for Columns

Faux marbleizing is a finishing technique that has been used for hundreds of years to give bland, painted surfaces the look of natural stone. Using a sponging technique, Carol Vonesh and Debra Liles apply multiple colors and layers of paint and glaze to turn a painted column into “fantasy” marble. Fantasy marble differs from traditional marbleizing in that it doesn’t attempt to reproduce the veins and other details found in natural marble.


  1. I think is not enough apply sponging texture to get a realistic faux marble. To get the best finish, tou have to paint the column like a painting. Do you know what I mean?. First is necessary study the marble texture to copy, de forms, the colors, the veins, and start witk the first coat texture. Ussually, for a good faux marble texture you have to paint some coats. I use to apply minimun 4 coats before the veins.

  2. To get a good faux marble texture is good mix different technics. The marble, as stone, dont have a regular texture. You can take a look a simple marble tile or slate to verify this comment. Use, sponge, plastic, brushes, glace mis with the paints, art brushes, even… the hands. Sometimes the fresh paint mix the color itself with a natural texture. The video you show… is only spong and dots, dots, dots… There are more than 100 kind of marble. Some of them have an incredible veins net very complicate to copy, but is possible with art and patient.


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