Roman Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer of primers, wallpaper removal products, and adhesives. Since the company’s inception over 80 years ago, its brands have become the industry standard for exceptional performance. From DIY enthusiasts learning how to hang wallpaper for the first time to professional paperhangers, customers worldwide depend on Roman Products for their projects.

Roman Products

Their wallpaper, wall-covering, and removal products include:

These brands are immensely popular among homeowners and interior decorators, and their products are available at many home-improvement stores and retailers across the nation. The company also added architectural finishes to its product lineup in 2005.

Innovative Wall-Covering Products

Roman prides has several innovative products that have become the standard for quality in the wall covering industry. For instance, their unique vinyl-over-vinyl wallpaper adhesive is a low-moisture, high-tack, non-strippable adhesive that makes applying any type of wallpaper extremely easy through adding extreme surface adhesion.

Suppose you face issues such as residue, skim coats, mud joints, or popcorn ceilings. In that case, Roman’s acrylic sealer/primer options are ideal for you. They designed their all-purpose clear and pigmented acrylic primers for use on almost any substance. Contractors and homeowners can tint their pigmented primer using universal colorant. Also, check out the no-splatter, low-odor primer that contains no volatile organic compounds and provides you with approximately 400-450 square feet of coverage per gallon.

Architectural Finishes

The company expanded its product line in 2005 to make way for architectural coatings sold under Roman Architectural Finishes’ brand name. The expansion included Armoremetallix, Armorfaux, and Armortex. The product line comprises glazes, finishes, paints, and textured coatings used as finishes for interior surfaces and walls.

Wallpaper Removal Products

Trying to figure out how to remove wallpaper easily? Roman has all the tools needed for a quick removal.

Roman’s focus on quality as a wallpaper installer provides the manufacturer with the knowledge necessary to remove wall-coverings in the most effortless, streamlined manner. Roman developed its PIRANHA® product line to make wallpaper removal easy for homeowners, professional paperhangers, and interior decorators. It’s the fastest-growing wallpaper removal product line throughout the industry.

PIRANHA®’s wallpaper removers are favored by professional paperhangers and contractors alike as an economical solution that enables them to strip large wallpaper quantities. It’s ideal for removing old wallpaper and its residual paste. It penetrates and breaks down wallpaper paste and is a non-staining option that smells fresh and contains a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds.

Roman also offers PIRANHA®-brand scoring tools that eliminate moisture-resistant borders and wallpapers to enable the remover to penetrate.

Eco-Friendly Products

Roman’s ECO Adhesives and primers are the only wall-covering products that meet the sustainability guidelines presented by the NSF/ANSI 342.

The ECO-988 Pigmented Wallpaper Primer is made entirely of acrylic resin, contains no volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde, and is ideal for its strippability. It also provides approximately 400-550 square feet of coverage per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface you’re using it on.

The ECO-888 Wallpaper Adhesive shares all the properties of its pigmented counterpart and provides approximately 330 square feet of coverage per gallon.

Roman offers clients the ECO-788 Clay Wallpaper Adhesive as well, which gives 200 square feet of coverage per gallon.

Roman Products LLC—The Wall-Covering Innovator

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Roman earned its name as an innovator through its dedication to quality in product development. Professional paperhangers have rated Roman Decorating Products among the top in quality, innovation, and sales. Roman’s state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot facility enables them to automate their processes and strictly follow the industry’s quality standards, guidelines, and recommended procedures.

Their professionally tested products are sold at most mass merchants and stores specializing in home products, wallpapers, and paints. As a company that’s dedicated to maintaining good eco-health, they make products that focus on sustainability. This means that users don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and substances that could lead to environmental deterioration. Roman also prides themselves on offering all the tips and advice installers need such as how to measure wallpaper for proper installation.

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