How to Make Your Touch-Up Paint Stand Out

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

Touch-Up paint can look different if separation occurred in the older can.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Touch-Up Paint isn’t Blending: Wilma’s touch-up paint isn’t blending even though it’s from the same can she used a year ago.

Stop a Squeaky Floor: John says the dry weather in Baltimore isn’t helping his Georgia Pine floors. They keep squeaking!

Simple Solutions

How to Collect Dust with a Wet-Dry Vacuum and Miter Saw: When you don’t have the correct-size adapter for connecting your wet-dry vac hose to your power miter saw or another piece of equipment, here’s how to make one!

Protect your wood with peel and stick pads

Stick-On Clamp Pads: Prevent clamps from damaging wood parts with stick-on felt pads.

Best New Products

Toilet built above bathroom cabinet

Bathroom Cleaner from the Automotive Department: Believe it or not, one of the best solutions to a clean bathroom mirror is actually from a product in the automotive department. 

Products Mentioned


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