This Fast-Drying Paint is Scuff-Resistant and Stain Repelling

Behr’s new Dynasty interior paint collection dries fast and resists scuffs and stains.

A simple coat of paint can make a whole room feel more inviting or a single accent wall pop out with a bold color.

Beyond walls, painting doors or furniture can tremendously update their look and give them new life.

Behr’s new Dynasty interior paint collection is the revolutionary paint you need for all your inside-home projects.

paint roller on wall
Curing time for Behr Dynasty interior paint is just four hours!

Faster Drying

Painting gives your surfaces an instant color update, but you lose the functionality of the piece you’re painting while waiting for it to dry. Tacky surfaces keep you from putting things back on surfaces or closing drawers and doors.

With Behr Dynasty interior paint, the curing time is only four hours! Whether it’s a quick color change on a frequently used door or a full interior transformation, you can get back to using your space faster. 

woman hanging picture frame on blank wall
Behr Dynasty interior paint protects walls against mars caused by picture frames.


Behr has integrated technology to make its Dynasty collection the most scuff-resistant paint. Its advanced durability helps resist scuffs that may leave darker marks or lines from things like shoe heels and household cleaning tools.  

It’s also burnish-resistant, which means it minimizes sheen changes and color transfer that can result from clothing or upholstery rubbing against walls.

Plus, this paint protects against abrasions on your walls from hard objects like fingernails, picture frames and toys.

So, if you have pets or kids your walls are going to stay cleaner longer.

Cropped Hand Of Woman Cleaning Wall
Behr Dynasty interior paint features stain-repellent technology that makes cleaning up messes simple.

Stain Repellant

With its advanced stain repellency, Behr Dynasty interior paint helps keep stains at bay by not only blocking existing stains but also minimizing the penetration of new stains. 

This paint offers exceptional cleanability, allowing you to simply wash messes and mishaps off your painted surfaces with a quick soap and water clean-up. 

All these features mean you can keep your space beautiful without having to worry and your walls are protected from start to finish.

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One coat is all you need to transform whatever project you’re painting!

One-Coat Hide

With Behr Dynasty paint, there’s no need to purchase any other paint — it’s an all-in-one stain blocker, primer and paint! It’s guaranteed to give you a one-coat hide, saving you time and allowing you to enjoy your home.

This paint collection is available in more than 1,000 colors. Pick from three sheens: matte, eggshell enamel or semi-gloss enamel.

The Behr Dynasty Collection is available exclusively at The Home Depot. Watch the video above to learn more.

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