Problematic Painting & a Complete Home Remodel | Ep. 9

danny lipford and joe truini podcast

We’re tackling a pair of painting problems: One listener’s primer remains tacky 48 hours after being applied — we’ll share her options moving forward — and another listener’s front door is showing age. He needs help picking the proper paint base. Danny and Joe break down the pros and cons of latex and oil paint. Also, a homeowner is going through a complete remodel, but he’s stumped when trying to install an outlet for his new mantel and aligning his bedroom doors. Here’s what he can do to complete his home. Plus, Joe has a Simple Solution that will protect your walls when removing baseboards.

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  1. I have loved the paint swatch for the PPG Metalic paint for my bath
    rome. I followed instructions to apply the paint after sealing the present wallpaper on the wall.I did that. Applied the sealer, first coat of paint, the, witch made made the paper bubble. When the coat dried, the wall was flat. Applied the 2nd coat- same result. Removed all layers, painted , walls white a\


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