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Lately, we’ve had a lot of painting questions on Today’s Homeowner Radio. We brought in painting expert Nick Slavik to shine some light on some of your painting concerns. He also breaks down his favorite painting products that you can check out for yourself.

And, a homeowner’s cedar siding planks are showing their age. many are splitting and knots are falling out. what he can use to plug those splits and missing knotholes.

Gardening professional Julie Day-Jones also joins us on air to talk spring garden preps.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution that will make sanding round objects much easier.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Plugging Split Wood Siding
Ron from Michigan – “We’ve lived in our 40-year-old house for four years. It has vertical cedar siding planks. Many are split, and knots are falling out. Can I use caulk to seal splits and cracks? What do I use to plug knotholes?”

Should I Power Wash Vinyl Siding?
Vicki from Missouri – “What can I use to clean my siding without using a power washer?”

Repairing a Fence with Rusty Nails
Joanne from North Carolina – “Danny I need advice. I am 70 yrs. old, retired teacher. I could hire someone, which my husband wants me to do, but I like doing things myself (esp. painting). I want to paint my front porch wooden railing. There are some rusty nails that are protruding on some (many actually) pickets. I want to know how to address this and I want to use a paint/primer paint so I don’t have to put more than one coat. I assume I begin by sanding, cleaning, etc. Can you tell me what to do and the best paint?”

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Sanding Strip Tip
Here’s how to easily sand balusters and other round objects.

Decorative Fireplace Screen

Conceal your fireplace during the summer months by making a decorative screen from old wooden window shutters. (Old shutters are available at architectural salvage yards and flea markets.)

Around the Yard

Spring Garden Preps
Gardening expert Julie Day-Jones joins us on air to discuss spring garden preparation.

Painting with the Pros

Paint Discussion with Nick Slavik
Painting expert Nick Slavik helps answer some of our tough painting questions. He also breaks down some of the best products in the market that will have you painting like a pro.

Best New Products

Multi-Width Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
For DIYers, the holy grail of flooring is something that’s great looking, affordable, durable and easy to install. The new Multi-Width Plank Flooring from Lifeproof is pretty close. It’s a floating floor that features an innovative, closed-cell foamed PVC core for rigidity and strength, yet it’s lightweight and easy to handle.

Products Mentioned

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