Shape Up Your Interior Décor

Painting patterns is easier than it looks with FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tape

Is your one-color kitchen, bedroom or den ready for some new pattern pizzazz? With the right set of painting tools – like premium painter’s tape – and some clever techniques, great style is easier than ever, even for the creatively challenged.

As trend experts have predicted, stripes are big. Wide ones, narrow ones, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Other stylish shapes include harlequin diamonds – one color or several – and trellis patterns.

These designs may look hard, but with the help of FrogTape® brand painter’s tape and the how-to advice of some creative FrogTape users, patterns can be mastered by any do-it-yourselfer. After all, it was do-it-yourselfers, using FrogTape brand painter’s tape, who created the patterns pictured. With FrogTape, these DIYers had the confidence to get creative. And with step-by-step instructions and photos on the FrogTape web site, even an amateur DIYer can get the house in great shape.

FrogTape helps you shape up – or stripe up – because it is the only tape with PaintBlock® Technology – the technology that prevents paint bleed and keeps paint lines clean. The edges of FrogTape are treated with PaintBlock, causing the tape to instantly gel when it comes in contact with latex paint. This creates a barrier, stopping paint from bleeding through the tape, giving you crisp, sharp lines. FrogTape also removes easily.

Basic tools needed for pattern painting include:

  • FrogTape brand painter’s tape
  • Ruler or level
  • At least two colors of paint
  • A roller and paintbrush
  • Two paint trays
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladder

The general guidelines below for painting stripes, diamonds or trellises are similar, but vary somewhat according to the design selected. Be sure to visit the How-To section for specific prepping directions before beginning.

  • Paint the walls with the desired background color. Allow the paint to fully cure, following manufacturer’s instructions for cure times.
  • Mask off the space for your shapes, per instructions on the FrogTape website, using a ruler or level.
  • Paint with the secondary color, according to pattern instructions. Remove FrogTape immediately after you are finished painting. Let the paint fully cure. The trellis and stripe patterns – unless you’re using a third stripe color – are completed at this point.
  • For the harlequin shapes, after painting the secondary color, allow the paint to fully cure, then mask off and paint the next set of shapes using a third color, according to the harlequin pattern instructions. Remove the tape immediately after you are finished painting.

FrogTape is available in a variety of widths to accommodate a multitude of patterns, designs and paint projects. The tape comes in a reusable plastic canister designed to protect the tape edges from damage. FrogTape can be purchased at The Home Depot and other home centers, paint, and hardware retailers across the United States.


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