Innovative Painter’s Tape Makes Paint Trimming Easy

I’m excited to be gearing for the Satellite Media Tour with FrogTape next week! I’ll be heading up to New Jersey to shoot in the studio showing the different painting projects you can do using FrogTape brand painter’s tape.

What sets this green tape apart from regular painter’s tape is the Paint Block Technology in the tape . . . by this I mean that when latex paints hits the edge or top of the tape, the tape actually absorbs the paints and causes it to congeal.

Another way of describing how it works is the similar technology used in baby diapers. This means that the paint won’t bleed under the tape as you paint so you’ll have perfect lines every time!

I will be demonstrating simple projects that will be perfect for dorm room as well as the office. Picture frames, lampshades, wooden tables, and mirrors are just a few of the items you can dress up using paint and FrogTape.

Let the creativity begin!


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