FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tape Helps Remake an American Classic

Prepping is paramount for professional-quality painting
What can be more American than the entrepreneurial spirit of a do-it-yourselfer? It’s in our nature to jump right into a challenging task like painting a new room. Some might call it impatience, but what’s more gratifying than seeing a space brighten in a few short hours?

But in this case, patience – and prepping – can be key. For a really professional-quality paint job, don’t skip the prep step. To help you prep, the experts at FrogTape® brand painter’s tape have a few important tips.

1.       Clear the room as much as possible and put the remaining “stuff” in the center covered with plastic or drop cloths.

2.       Scrape or sand any loose or flaky paint with scrapers or sandpaper until the surface is smooth.

3.       Fill in all holes, cracks and imperfections using a putty knife and spackle. After the spackle has dried, sand again to smooth the surface. Repeat as necessary.

4.       Wipe down walls and trim with rags to remove dust and loose particles. Vacuum if needed.

5.       Remove outlet plates, switch plates and air vent covers.

6.       And, the most important step to achieve a professional-looking paint job with crisp, clean paint lines is: Tape “no-paint zones,” such as windows, doors, baseboards, molding and any other switch or fixture that wasn’t removed, with FrogTape brand painter’s tape.

FrogTape is the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology, the latest technological breakthrough that allows users to create crisp, clean paint lines. When latex paint comes in contact with FrogTape, the PaintBlock instantly gels creating a barrier that prevents paint from bleeding through the tape. And FrogTape removes easily.

Using FrogTape is simple. Just follow these basic techniques.

1.       If the surface has been recently painted, make sure the paint has cured completely before taping.

2.       To ensure accurate placement and avoid stretching the tape, adhere FrogTape in short sections.

3.       Make sure FrogTape is flush to the edge that you will be painting.

4.       Using a putty knife or 5-in-1 tool, press the tape to burnish it to the surface you are masking.

5.       If you are using more than one coat of paint, remove and reapply FrogTape in between coats.

6.       If you are taping on a textured surface, some specialized taping techniques may be required.

7.       Remove FrogTape immediately after you finish painting. This will help prevent paint from bridging over the tape and tearing during removal.

Frog TapeWith the proper prepping, FrogTape gives DIYers not only the ability to easily complete their paint projects, but also the confidence to try more sophisticated patterns and designs.

FrogTape is available in a variety of widths to accommodate a multitude of patterns, designs and paint projects. It can be purchased at all The Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s and Sherwin-Williams store locations and other fine paint and hardware retailers across the United States.


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