Packing and Moving Tips

Boxes being packed on tables.
When packing for a move, create a staging area to organize items into

Even if you’re excited about where you’re going, moving is never fun. But if you follow these tips, you’ll find moving easier the next time you and your family have to pick up and go.

Read on for tips on how to pack and move.


  1. Moving into new apartments can be a daunting task for anybody, but with a little planning and some help it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Whether you plan on moving yourself or hiring professional movers,. Thanks for posting these moving and packing tips.

  2. Some good and effective packaging and moving tips include:
    Ordering a lot of boxes in various sizes, I would recommend to order fewer big boxes and more small boxes in order to pack your stuff smartly.
    Instead of using newspaper and magazine select special paper packaging, as this prevent ink stains which usually sticks over the objects during long distance moving.
    Do not forget to label your boxes so you must know which objects are present in the box and to which room those items belong to.

  3. Hi Thomas thanks for sharing these moving and packing tips. Moving with your expensive household goods is a daunting tasks especially when you have no moving experience or knowledge. So, its better to hire trusted movers to make your move stress free. They will use quality packing material and quality vehicles for safe journey. You need to plan your move ahead of moving day and make a checklist for packing all household stuff.

  4. Informative article! Some more tips include ‘defrosting’ your refrigerator at least 6 hours prior to the move. This allows condensation to be released and for it to not leak when in the moving truck potentially on to other furniture. This is just one helpful moving tip of many but your article fills in a lot!

  5. I really enjoyed the detailed information in this article! I moved to a new city for college recently and felt so overwhelmed, but this article along with the comments really helped! Thank you so much!

  6. Great blog post. It’s very informative post. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.


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