Opening Day at the Farmer’s Market

This past weekend was the opening day of my hometown farmer’s market! Spring has finally arrived, gardening has begun in earnest, and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was a perfect day to jump on the bikes and ride downtown through a shower of cherry blossoms, enjoy lunch at a favorite outdoor cafe, and fill up the backpack with fresh, locally-grown veggies and organic grass-fed steaks to toss on the grill later that evening.

The farmer’s market is one of the highlights of the growing season – local organic honey and jams, fresh flowers, herbs and potted plants, bluegrass pickers under a shady tree, and produce-laden tables that offer a feast for the senses with the best of small-town flavor. And the simplest of meals is so much tastier (and healthier!) with freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Does life really get any better than this?


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