October Home Maintenance To-Do List

The Duck Brand’s Max Strength Silicone Weatherstrip Seal covers gaps around windows and doors.

To-Do #5: Check Weather Stripping and Thresholds

Weatherstripping around doors and the threshold seal at the bottom of doors can wear out or become damaged over time. Replacing damaged weather stripping or thresholds can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

There are several types and sizes of weather stripping for doors, so take a piece with you to the home center to make sure you buy the right one.

Newer doors have weather stripping that’s simply cut to length and pushed into a groove around the door. Older doors can be sealed using self-adhesive foam or rigid strips that are nailed in place around the door.

The rubber gasket in metal thresholds can also be replaced. Remove the rubber threshold strip, and take it with you to the home center to find the correct replacement.

If you can’t find a rubber replacement strip or the threshold is damaged, buy a new threshold of the correct length and height. Use a hacksaw to cut the new threshold to length, and notch it around the door casing.

After test fitting it to make sure the door closes tightly on the rubber seal, apply a bead of caulk to the underside of the threshold, set it in place, and attach it to the floor using the screws provided.

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  1. I have tried everything from fabic, wet and seal and other products that claim the it will stop my gutter leaking.If you have another solution other than replace these gutters.We loved your show and watched them every week.You can even come here because 3 of our neibors have the same problem

  2. i have a dining room table that is three generations old, when we sit at it for dinner it creaks like it is going to fall apart. the nuts are tight. do you have any suggestions for taking the creak out? humbly Helena

  3. Danny,

    We love your show. Nice commercial (Nutri-system) Allen! Anyway, one thing we are sure to do at this time of year is to replace the batteries in our thermostats (digital versions). As it is starting to get cold at night, furnaces will not come on if the batteries in the thermostat are dead. Brrr! We have rentals, and at least one of the tenants call to report they don’t have heat: a dead battery is the easiest fix and the first thing to check.

  4. any suggestion(s) in removing a single knob/ handle shower cartridge that leaks. I have sprayed threaded area and have even headed the cover which encases the cartridge with a torch and still cannot break it free to remove the cartridge. I did not want to put too much torque on the housing which could break the water supply line(s). I have use the rust catalyst spray PB which supposedly helps free rusted metal parts w/ no success.

  5. I want to add insulation in my attic. My house was built in 1994, and has blown in insulation, which has compacted. I want to put in Roxul, but do I need to remove the blown in first, or can I lay it on top?


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