Web Editor Ben Erickson

Web editor Ben Erickson
Web editor Ben Erickson
Our website has come a long way in the past year, but that’s only the beginning. We have big plans for the future here at and are constantly working to update the site to better answer all your home improvement needs. We will be adding a wealth of new articles, as well as exciting features and promotions that will allow you to become more involved than ever.

Website editor, Ben Erickson, will be leading the charge to make even better. An acclaimed writer who has written extensively on woodworking, Ben brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of home improvement.

From award winning fine furniture to building a log cabin and moving a two-story antebellum house, Ben has done it all.

To learn more about Ben, read his bio. Besides editing the website and contributing articles, Ben will be here to answer your questions and share his years of experience.

So be sure to make your first stop on the web for home improvement and check back often.


  1. I must congratulate Danny Lipford for choosing such an exciting new Web Editor. If Danny will allow Ben to take his BIO as a schedule and teach us all how to make logs, construct log cabins ,move antique homes (I must say Ben has a splendid wife to help do it piece by piece) we shall be enjoying for years to come. Way to go! Ann Tiffin G Cowden

  2. So glad to hear of Ben’s new position. As a member of the family I know he has lots of
    experience with all types of home improvement.
    Congratulations to Ben and his family.
    Eloise Neville Kennedy, Houston, Texas

  3. Eloise,
    Thanks. I’m enjoying my new found position here at todayshomeowner.com and have big plans for the future of the website.

  4. Ben, Congrats!! Sounds like a great opportunity. You will be hearing from me! Do you know much about flat roofs and external insulation of them?


  5. Doug,
    Nice to hear from you. My experiences with flat roofs in the past have not been very favorable. Let me know how your project turns out.


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