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3 Best Foundation Companies in El Paso, TX

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Written By Bradford Cuthrell

Last Updated April 2024

While foundation repair is typically expensive and requires significant time, neglecting foundation problems could lead to serious, expensive consequences later on. You might be afraid that it's already too late, and your El Paso home has sustained significant foundation damage that can't be seen.

To help you find reliable foundation services, we researched the most dependable foundation repair companies near you. Read on to see our recommendations for the best foundation repair companies in El Paso, Texas.

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Top 3 Best Foundation Companies in El Paso

Tramway Concrete Co

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5812 Cromo Dr, El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 900-6385

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Retaining walls
Grading and leveling



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306 Thunderbird Dr, El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 588-8115

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CON-TEX Construction, LLC.

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111 W Borderland Rd, El Paso, TX 79932 (915) 500-4250

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How To Choose a Foundation Repair Company

You need a good foundation repair company to properly assess issues and make appropriate repairs. Do thorough research and focus on these important factors when selecting the right company.


Look for a local foundation repair provider with extensive experience fixing all types of foundations. It should have specialized knowledge of the latest repair techniques and materials. Ask how long a company has served your area.


Reading through online reviews, checking the Better Business Bureau, and requesting local references helps you verify that the company consistently delivers quality work and a positive customer service experience. Pay attention if you see multiple complaints about poor service or faulty repairs.

Licensing and Insurance

Choose a provider that has the right licenses, bonds, and coverage plans for liability and workers' compensation. Texas does not have state-level licensing requirements for general contractors, although all contractors must hold a valid state business license. Your city, county, or municipality may have local licensing requirements, so be sure that you verify this information before signing a contract. Contractors may have to meet additional requirements to do certain work with concrete.


Look for a company that provides transferable coverage for a minimum of 10 years, preferably lifetime guarantees, to back its foundation repairs. This demonstrates that the company stands behind its work and safeguards you if issues arise in the future.

Questions To Ask Foundation Repair Companies

During your assessment of potential foundation repair companies, make sure to ask specific questions such as:

  • Realistically, how long will the repairs take? Look for companies that provide reasonable estimates.
  • What type of warranties are provided? Trustworthy providers often offer warranties of at least 10 years on labor and materials.
  • What exact repair method do you recommend for this specific situation and why? Your provider may consider options such as steel piers, wall anchors, and carbon fiber. By asking, you can get an idea of what solutions a company offers and compare between providers.
  • What foundation flaws did you identify during inspection that may be causing the issue? The response should have easy-to-understand explanations and solutions. If a provider offers a vague answer, it may be attempting to bill you for unnecessary work.
  • Can you provide a complete written project scope and cost estimate? Getting the details in writing helps shield you from unexpected costs.
  • What options do you have for financing? Many providers offer payment plans for larger foundation projects.

Carefully reviewing foundation repair companies will help you select the right one for you. Providers that can thoroughly answer these questions will likely provide high-quality, durable repairs. Swiftly fixing foundation issues helps avoid future structural damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair in El Paso, TX

There are a variety of signs that your foundation needs repairs. These might include:

  • Visible crumbling or cracks in your foundation
  • Uneven ground-level floors
  • Cracked, buckling, or bowing walls
  • Door or window frames that are skewed or tight
  • Cracks in your basement floor
  • Cracks in your driveway

On average, El Paso homeowners spend around $2,027 on foundation repair. The amount you'll spend on foundation repair is based on a number of factors. Things like the extent of the damage, the size of your home, and the type of repair needed will all help determine the cost. The best way to find out how much a job may cost is to talk to a local foundation repair expert and schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Types of foundation repair include leak repair, crack repair, stabilization, underpinning, and waterproofing.

For both leak repair and crack repair, a technician will come to your home, perform an inspection, and use various repair techniques to fix leaks or cracks. The cost of these procedures can vary greatly depending on the size and root cause of the issue.

Stabilization helps to fix bowing walls by inserting steel or carbon fiber strips. The amount you spend will depend on the material chosen and how many strips are needed. The cost of underpinning also varies. This process, also called piering or leveling, involves leveling your foundation by underpinning it with concrete piers; the cost will depend on how many piers are used.

If you're interested in waterproofing your foundation or basement, we suggest talking to a waterproofing specialist. This process can include outdoor waterproofing, indoor waterproofing, or both.

If you're building a new home, have a soil report completed. This report contains information regarding how well your soil can support a foundation, and can offer you a heads-up about potential future issues. If you have concerns about an existing home, a few hundred dollars will cover an inspection and report by a structural engineer. They can alert you to any current problems that need attention, and give you advice on avoiding future problems.

Also ensure that the moisture around your foundation is at an appropriate level, particularly when the weather gets hot. The weather in El Paso tends to be very dry, which means that at times you may need to water your soil and foundation. Also, be on the lookout for leaky gutters or pipes and repair them quickly.

Foundation repair usually requires a permit, but getting one isn't your responsibility. Your foundation repair professional should obtain all the permits and other documents required in El Paso, and should be able to explain the process and/or provide the documents before starting work.

We strongly suggest reaching out to your home insurance provider before starting any foundation repair project to learn about what might be covered. Typically, foundation repairs aren't covered by home insurance unless they're to fix damage caused by a covered weather event.

In general, foundation repair projects will take from one to several weeks. The range is large because the amount of time required will vary greatly depending on things like the type of repair and the size of your home. You should talk to your El Paso foundation repair professional for a more thorough timeline for your specific project.

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