How to Move Heavy Boxes the Easy Way

Moving heavy boxes can be hard work, but there are some simple tricks that will save your back and make the job go much easier.

When moving a box on carpet, put a piece of heavy (6 mil) plastic sheeting under it.

Use a piece of 1” x 2” lumber as a handle by rolling it up one end of the plastic. This will keep the plastic from tearing, and make it easier to pull.

Pull the handle to drag the box easily across the floor.

To keep from scratching a smooth floor—like hardwood, vinyl, or tile—use an old blanket or moving pad to pull the box across it. Another handy moving tip is to turn a piece of furniture that has legs on its side before attempting to move it.


  1. Now here’s a timely advice. I am about to move, and this is the kind of advice that made me feel a bit better about all those boxes I will have to pack, move around and unpack.


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