To move heavy furniture in your home:

  1. Lift up one end of the piece of furniture, and put a moving pad or blanket beneath two of the legs.
  2. Lift up the other end of the piece of furniture, and roll out the moving pad or blanket so it’s under all four legs.
  3. Pull one end of the moving pad or blanket to slide the piece of furniture across the floor.

Watch the video above to find out more.


Danny Lipford: Now usually on Simple Solutions, we’re showing you methods and ways to improve your house and maintain your house, but all of us have to move furniture sooner or later.

Joe Truini: One of the easiest ways to move a piece of furniture without injuring yourself of the piece is to use an old blanket or area rug or in this case a moving pad that we bought at a moving supply house, and use that to move the piece of furniture.

Danny, do me a favor and lift up that end. You slip one end under the piece of furniture. Now I’ll go around to this end and lift it. Just unfold that for me, please. Thank you.

Now to move the piece, all you need to do is lift up on the moving pad and pull it. And you notice it just glides across the tile floor.

Danny Lipford: Now this is a great way of moving furniture in the house. Almost any kind of furniture can be moved this way, and you’re able to move it without even taking out the drawers. There’s no damage to the floor, the furniture, or your back.

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