Forearm Forklift Product Review

The Forearm Forklift is a two-person lifting device consists of a pair of 3″ wide heavy duty straps that are slipped under an appliance or other heavy object. Adjustable slots in each end of the straps allow you to lift different size items. Once the straps are in place, slide your arms through the slots and lift, using your arms and legs to support the weight.

The Forearm Forklift worked great, providing an effective way to lift and move heavy objects while minimizing the strain on your back and preventing damage to floors or stairs.


  1. After watching your ForeArm Forklift piece I went to Home Depot and bought a pair to check them out. They worked REALLY well for my son and I at home so I bought a few more pairs to give to a few of our crews. After a few day, they LOVED’em so I convinced the President here to buy them for all of our crews. 99% of the crews tell us that they use them all the time. For instance before they paint a room, they use’em to move out the furniture first. Before they demo a kitchen or laundry room, they use them to move out the appliances. Anyway, the ForeArm Forklift has made their prep work a lot easier and they have reduced our floor damage claims because our new rule is no using dollies or hand trucks indoors. Thanks for featuring this great, great tool. Seems like a big investment, but we buy them for only $19 at Depot, so turns out that it’s not a big investment, just a big improvement!!! I recommend them highly.


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