Moving into a new house is a stressful task that takes months of planning, organization, and physical labor. You may consider moving homes alone or with help from friends. This seems like the cheaper, more efficient way to complete the project. However, neither of these assumptions is necessarily true. In most cases, you should leave your moving process in the hands of seasoned professionals. Professional movers are people who move homes for a living, giving them daily experience on the dos and don’ts of packing, lifting, and loading.

This article will discuss why you should let a professional moving company do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll go over the top seven reasons why your move will be safer, smoother, and less stressful with professional help.

7 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

The following sections describe how a professional moving company can make your moving day less hectic and more productive. We’ll discuss how years of experience, proper equipment, and tried-and-true processes can make all the difference for your next move.

Professional Experience

Moving quickly, efficiently, and safely takes practice. Whether this is your first or fifth move, you likely haven’t nailed down all the techniques yet. Professional movers do the job daily, allowing them to gain efficiency, develop skills, and learn trade secrets.

Professional movers have the know-how and experience to complete your moving project correctly. You won’t have to spend hours researching proper packing and lifting techniques because an experienced mover will handle the job for you. The pros know which packing supplies to use and how to fit even the bulkiest items through a doorway.

Moving companies like International Van Lines have decades in the industry, making them trusted moving service providers. These companies vet and train their movers to provide homeowners with the highest quality, safest service.

Many movers offer specialized products like long-distance, gun safe, pet, and heavy equipment moving. We highly suggest employing professional movers for your specialized needs. The extra cost is worth the skill and experience they bring to the table.

Safe Moving Techniques

Unfortunately, moving can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Improper lifting techniques can leave you with a severe injury. You might drop a heavy item on your foot without a firm grip or dent the floor with fumbled furniture.

Professional movers have the tools and knowledge to avoid mishaps that could damage you or your home. Before stepping onto a property, professional movers train to understand and perform safe habits.

Movers who offer packing services also understand how to load your items in a safe manner. The professionals know which items to put in boxes and which ones to leave out. They also have protocols for safely loading bulky items like furniture and appliances into the moving truck.

Accountability and Liability

A good moving company will be accountable, punctual, and respectful of your belongings. These qualities are another benefit of hiring movers instead of recruiting friends and family to help. Your friends may be trustworthy and helpful, but they aren’t professional house movers. They probably don’t have top-tier packing techniques or extensive furniture-loading experience.

For this reason, you’re better off with the pros. Paying for a professional moving service ensures you’ll have reliable help on your moving day. The movers won’t bail on you or have alternate last-minute plans. Plus, they’ll be there to get the job done. You won’t lose precious time chatting or losing focus as you try to move the project along.

The liability aspect is another benefit of hiring a moving company. If you perform a DIY move and break all of your glassware, it’s too bad. You won’t get those items back and must replace them with your own money. A moving company is liable for loss and damages if it breaks your belongings. This level of insurance assures you that your fragile items will arrive safely at your new home – or you’ll earn compensation.

Adequate Moving Equipment

Hiring a mover saves you from buying equipment, collecting packing materials, and renting a moving truck. Pro movers already have the right equipment for the job, simplifying the moving process and guaranteeing it’ll get done smoothly.

The moving company will arrive at your home equipped with dollies for hauling heavy boxes, lifting straps for moving furniture, and bubble wrap to protect fragile items. Most importantly, the movers will have a heavy-duty truck to transport your precious belongings to the destination. The crew will outfit the truck with furniture pads, adjustable straps, and tarps to ensure your things make it to your new home unscathed.

Other materials and equipment a full-service mover will supply:

  • Specialized boxes for efficiently packing fragile items like dishes, picture frames, and glass decor.
  • Hand trucks for toting cumbersome boxes or appliances.
  • Ramps for safely loading and unloading heavy items onto the moving truck.
  • Furniture covers that protect upholstered pieces from dust, moisture, and rips.
  • Plastic shrink wrap to shield glass, metal, and wood furniture pieces from scratches and dents.

Efficient Processes

Efficiency is another benefit that professional movers bring to the table. Movers will do the job quickly and methodically using proper equipment and techniques. If you opt for a DIY move, you might become overwhelmed by the number of things to pack. We call this “packers block,” and it’s detrimental to a quick and painless move.

Once you pack some boxes, you’ll likely find yourself lugging one box at a time to the U-Haul. Then, you may load the truck full, only to find that your bulkier furniture pieces now won’t fit.

Professional movers avoid such mistakes by following packing and loading sequences. For example, they’ll likely load delicate items on the truck’s shelves, then push heavy items to the front of the truck. After balancing the truck’s weight with the bulky pieces, the movers will start filling in less frequently used items that don’t need to be accessible upon arrival.

As you can see, movers have efficient processes that save you a lot of time and frustration on moving day. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the moving crew isn’t wasting time.

Potential Cost Savings

You might automatically assume a DIY move is cheaper than hiring a company, but this isn’t always the case. Before refusing professional movers, consider all the factors that could make your self-made move just as pricey.

According to a free quote from American Van Lines, a move from New York City to Washington, D.C., costs approximately $3,000 for a one-bedroom home. This cost doesn’t include specialty requests or add-on packages. While $3,000 is undoubtedly a hefty sum, you’ll get the cost out of the way and receive reliable service.

If you complete the move yourself, you’d likely rack up numerous small costs that add up to a large sum. A rental truck alone can cost up to $1,000. Factor in other expenses for packing supplies, gas, tolls, and equipment rentals, and your bill keeps growing.

Imagine something goes wrong during the process, and several of your items suffer damage. You won’t have the liability insurance you’d get with professional movers, and you’ll be stuck absorbing those costs. If the damages affect high-dollar items like electronics, furniture, and collectibles – you’re out of luck.

Your Peace of Mind

The factors we’ve discussed combine to create the top benefit of hiring movers – your peace of mind. By putting your move in the hands of seasoned professionals, you’ll minimize the stress of a hectic moving day. You’ll be able to focus on the technical aspects of your move – such as address changes, utility provider transfers, and filing contracts – while the moving crew handles your belongings.

Consider hiring a full-service moving company to maximize your efficiency further. These companies provide unloading and unpacking services that save you the hassle of time-consuming organization at your new property. After the moving crew leaves, you’ll jump straight to settling in.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you understand why you should hire a professional moving company. Transitioning into a new home is an inherently arduous process. You’ll have many things to coordinate and consider; you shouldn’t be preoccupied with truck rentals and heaps of boxes.

If you’ve settled on a DIY move, take some time to create a moving day checklist. This tool will help you work through the day with an established plan instead of winging it. Review our tips for a stress-free move if you need some ideas for proper packing and moving equipment. You’ll likely learn some moving best practices and gain a newfound appreciation for the pros.

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