There are several options for a U.S veteran looking to save money on their next move. If you’re looking to relocate locally, you can take advantage of discounts on truck rentals. For long-distance moves, you can benefit from discounts offered by full-service moving companies. Or, if you need to move and store your goods, some moving container companies offer veteran discounts. This article will analyze these options while providing information on eligibility and discount amounts.

Moving Companies

CompanyQualification Req.Discount
North American Van LinesDAV or Vet Rewards membershipFree Full Value Protection
Oz Moving & StorageActive service members or retired, disabled, and non-active service members.10% off all moving and storage services on local moves and 5% on long-distance moves
uShipActive service members or retired, disabled, and non-active service members.Waived fees for the first shipment and up to 60% off the total shipment cost

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines logo
North American Van Lines salutes our service men and women this Memorial Day weekend, as well as organizations like the Gary Sinise Foundation that support these deserving heroes.

North American Van Lines has been a well-known figure in the long-distance and interstate moving industry for over 80 years. It offers a variety of moving, packing, and shipment services. For Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or veterans with a Vetrewards membership, North American Van Lines provides free Full Value Protection (FVP) up to $100,000. Also, certain branches offer further discounts on packing, shipping, rates, and other services. These discounts vary from branch to branch, so it’s best to call and ask your local American Van Lines about its specific benefits.

Oz Moving & Storage

Oz Moving & Storage logo

Oz Moving & Storage is a New York-based moving company with branches in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. It provides long-distance moving, packing, and storage services. It has a Better Business Bureau ranking of A+, but its customer reviews are polarizing. Many customers from websites like Yelp and BBB have complained of missing cargo, delayed delivery times, and price hikes. However, it also has a sizable amount of positive reviews. One theme we see is that there are far more complaints regarding its long-distance moving services, but mostly excellent reviews for local moves.

This company offers veterans, retired military, and active service members 10% off all moving, packing, and storage services for local moves and 5% off for long-distance moves. 


uShip Logo

One of the most effective ways to ship large, bulky, or high-weight cargo is through a consolidated shipping service like uShip. Through this company, you will post a bid on its open board and negotiate a rate with trucking services or individual drivers. This company verifies its truck drivers and provides insurance for your goods, so there are multiple layers of customer protection. However, your quality of service and rates will vary from driver to driver.

One important draw for uShip is that it waives all shipping fees for active service members and veterans for their first shipment. Furthermore, you can shop for companies that offer discounted rates for veterans, allowing you to save up to 60% on your shipment.

Truck Rental Companies

Unfortunately, few truck rental companies offer military and veteran discounts. Through our research, the best (and often only option) is Penske truck rental.


Penske logo

Penske is one of the largest truck rental companies in the United States. Penske has some of the most straightforward and generous veterans discounts on this list, offering a 10% discount on all truck rentals for active service members and veterans. It also offers a specialized call center dedicated specifically to military moves (both active service and veteran) that you can call any time at 1-844-TROOPS (1-844-487-6677).

As a final note, Penske was named as a military friendly employer in 2022, with 9% of its new hires constituting military service members and U.S. veterans.

Moving Container and Storage Companies

Veterans will have an easier time finding discount programs through container and storage companies. These companies can have a higher total cost than standard movers but offer cheaper long-term storage. So, if you’re moving and need a place to store your possessions, one of these companies may be the best option.

CompanyQualification Req.Discount
PODSActive service members or retired, disabled, and non-active service members10% off final bill
1-800-PACK-RATActive service members and retired service members10% off final bill



PODS is a moving and storage company that offers 10% off the final bill for any local move and item storage services. This discount can be particularly useful for anyone who has to store some of their possessions between moves or those who move often and only need to bring the essentials.


1-800-PACK-RAT Logo

1-800-PACK-RAT is a moving and cargo storage company that stores and ships your possessions to your new home. You’ll have to do your own packing and unpacking, but you won’t have to worry about driving a moving truck or handling storage services. It also offers a 10% discount for active and retired military service members.


While the options for moving discounts are limited, veterans and active service members still have some good choices. For long-distance and interstate moves, we recommend American Van Lines, as its free full-service coverage can be a great deal. If you’re moving heavy or bulky cargo, you may want to consider uShip, but be sure to vet your driver carefully. Finally, the best and most reliable discount has to go to Penske. Penske’s general discount applies to all truck rentals and can apply to local and long-distance moves. Penske also has a track record of working with veterans, with a specific call line dedicated to veteran and active military customers.

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