Moving On Up

It’s. Move. In. Day!!! Like I said in my last post, it took me a while to get here. Luckily, I had the luxury of living at my parent’s house while I fixed up my house. So I wasn’t in too much of a rush or bind. But I’m still glad, 3 months later, that it’s time to move in my grab bag of furniture. Again, lucky for me, my parents had recently updated (in the last 5-6 years) their living room and family room furniture. AND they saved all the old stuff. So come move-in day, I had a house full of furniture and the only thing I’d bought was a bed headboard for my room.

For my bedroom, I had a dresser, mirror, nightstand, and chest of drawers that my mom had bought when she bought her first home (before she met my dad). I took them to a local lady who refinished them and “antiqued” them with white paint and sanded edges. They were just like new! I took the hardware and painted all of it using an oil-rubbed bronze metallic spray paint. No offense to mom, but they looked much better than the 30+ year old wood finish of the original pieces.

I also brought the old family coffee table and end table that had been in storage since the update and had them refinished in the same antique, shabby chic style. So then that left the blue and green plaid couch. Hmmm, not my favorite. So I bought a one-size-fits-all slipcover in a calm sage green to cover it up. Granted, it didn’t fit like a glove. But I figured it would look decent enough until I could afford a new sofa.

In the kitchen I unpacked my old kitchenwares I had collected while living in my college apartment-style dorm. I had select pots and pans, mixing bowls, dishes, utensils, and even a few hand towels. Luckily the appliances that came with the house were in working order and I didn’t have to shell out cash to replace those right away. I did, however, have to tweak the freezer a bit.

I noticed a crack in the seal at the top of the freezer door. And there had been some condensation that had frozen. Obviously air was getting in/out and the freezer wasn’t able to operate as efficiently as it could. So I scrounged up some silicone caulk from dad’s shop and went to work sealing it up as best as I could see. Once it dried, I found a few more holes, sealed those up, and then waited. After a few days, there was no more condensation and my popsicles in the door weren’t melty!

The freezer leak was my biggest worry when I moved in. That is, until I received my first electric bill. Read my next blog to find out a first time homeowner’s reaction to summer-time air conditioning.



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