How to Add Window Case Molding

Window case molding
Window case molding

People with older homes often ask how they can update and upgrade the interior trim inexpensively. One of the best ways is to add casings around windows that only have drywall returns.

1. Replace both the existing window stool and apron at the bottom of the window. The new pieces will need to be slightly wider to accommodate the case molding you’ll add on the sides.

2. Choose new case molding that matches the material used elsewhere in the room, around doors or cased openings.

3. In the side pieces, cut a square at the bottom where they meet the stool, and a 45-degree miter cut at the top.

4. In the top piece of molding, have a 45-degree miter cut on each side that matches up with the two side pieces.

5. Paint the drywall along with the new molding, and no one but you will know it isn’t a fully cased window!


  1. I sure wish the longer version of this procedure was still available on YouTube, because I used those detailed instructions to trim out most of my windows. In fact, Home Depot used it on the remaining windows when they replaced all of my windows. Now my daughter wants them to trim out her windows, but I can’t find them. I found the abbreviated version when I Googled it.


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