How to Cut Crown Molding on a Miter Saw

Crown molding involves two wood panels that meet at angled edges in the corners between a room’s wall and ceiling. It provides an elegant transition between the wall and ceiling, and it never really goes out of style.

To make miter cuts in crown molding, turn a panel upside down on the miter saw table. This allows the angled back edges to rest against the fence and the table during cutting.

Holding the molding in the right position while you make a cut is the difficult part.

The solution is to hot-glue a piece of 1-by-2 wood to the saw table so it acts as a cleat to hold the molding in the proper position.

Watch the video above for all of the details on this Simple Solution!

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  1. Guys and gals…I watch your program each Saturday morning @6AM on WJBF Augusta, GA. I have learned a lot. Looking forward to taking on some repairs now that I have retired. Have a 18×18 section of sheetrock that was removed for plumber to install new tub/sbower hardware. I’ll check website to see if there is a video that would help. Have a great day.


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