Cutting molding clamped to scrap board with handsaw.
Cutting molding clamped to scrap board with handsaw.

To cut molding cleanly with a handsaw:

  1. Clamp a scrap 2”x 6” to sawhorses.
  2. Clamp the molding to the 2”x 6”.
  3. Cut through the molding and into the 2”x 6” with a handsaw.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Probably the best way to cut trim is using a motorized miter saw, but most homeowners won’t have a saw like that. But Joe can show you how to use a handsaw and be just as successful.

Joe Truini: The problem is when you’re using a handsaw to trim only a half-inch or so from the end of the piece of molding, the blade will flex and pop off the waste pieces, leaving a ragged, jagged cut.

The trick is to clamp a scrap two by six to a pair of sawhorses, and then take your molding and clamp it in place. The idea is that the two by six will provide support for the molding. So as the blade’s going through, the scrap piece—the waste piece—will be supported.

Use long, straight, smooth strokes; cutting all the way through the molding and partially into the two by six scrap. The result is a nice, clean cut with no splintering.

Danny Lipford: Now you can also use this technique for cutting floor boards or lattice molding, or almost any kind of small piece of wood.

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