If allowed to flourish, mold and mildew inside your home can cause damage and may even pose a health hazard. Mold and mildew inside your home can be caused by:

  • High humidity in your home.
  • Moisture or standing water under your home.
  • Leaks from plumbing or roofs.
  • Water in bathrooms and kitchens.

Start by repairing any leaks and reduce the moisture level in your home with better ventilation by using bath and kitchen fans that vent outside when bathing or cooking.

To remove existing mold, use diluted bleach or cleaners to remove mold on nonporous surfaces; and an anti-microbial cleaning product made to kill mold on porous surfaces. Mold can be very difficult to remove from some surfaces—such as drywall—and the material may have to be replaced.

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Before you can stop mold or mildew growth inside you have to eliminate the moisture it thrives on. That means correcting leaks and/or increasing ventilation. Mold on smooth, nonporous surfaces can be removed easily with conventional cleaners. A surface made of porous material must be scrubbed to remove mold spores; and some, like drywall, may have to be removed altogether to eliminate the mold spores which will generate new growth almost immediately after the surface is cleaned.

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