Is Mold in Your Home Dangerous?

While there is disagreement about the danger posed by mold in the home, it has been known to cause allergic reactions in certain people, especially children. On the other hand, we all breathe in millions of mold spores every year with no real ill health effects.

To be on the safe side, eliminate any leaks in kitchens and baths that can lead to mold growth and use vent fans to provide adequate ventilation. If you do see signs of mold, use an environmentally friendly cleaner to remove it or hire professionals to handle the job.


  1. I live in a mobile home and in the heat vent and underneath my bedroom I smell musty smells. I assume it is mold as I have seen mold grow on things that are stored under my home. I have been very sick due to this. Please advise your thoughts
    Thank you

  2. I’m a female age 46. Currently renting a fourplex. I’ve been here 3 years. I have been getting sick. I have asthma and copd. Never smoked. Currently there is black mold, I have increasingly used the ac for summer. But the units and vents are moldy black standing water rotting the standing water is full of mold. Rotting black blocks and wood. I’m getting worse my health is not keeping up. He won’t fix it. I really need an inspector come here and report his diagnosis and advice for a lawyer. I don’t wanna die because of this


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