How to Install Crown Molding the Easy Way

Installing crown molding usually involves making precise mitered and coped cuts in the corners, followed by careful placement of each piece of crown molding so they align properly. However, with the introduction of premade corner blocks, the installation of crown molding couldn’t be easier.

Corner blocks are decorative molding pieces with squared ends that are attached to inside and outside corners. This allows simple square cuts to be made on the crown molding to fill the spaces between the blocks. This means that there’s no need for any odd shaped coping cuts or special fits on mitered cuts.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Adding corner blocks is an interesting approach;however, the movie is titled “how to install crown molding.”

    The title of the video is not appropriate and misleading.

    Using corner blocks likely are more involved than illustrated. First of all how do you make a corner block and then properly fit to the corners of both walls.

    • Hi Pat,
      Actually the video is titled “How to Install Crown Molding the Easy Way” to indicate that it takes a different approach from traditional crown molding installation. As discussed in the text that accompanies the video, the reason it’s so easy is that the corner blocks are purchased premade. As someone who’s mitered and coped their share of crown molding the traditional way, I would have to agree that this is a much easier approach.

  2. Thank you for that easy tip .Now what if you have a wall that will join another room and it is short corner and has a slant to meet the other room.

  3. Love your show and have watched for years. Last year we purchased a condo in Orange Beach AL. We want to add crown mold plus install new paneled doors. This will need to be hired out since we don’t have the skills to complete. The Complex is a steel framed building thus I have heard extra steps should be taken to properly install the crown. Was told nailing to sheetrock would eventually fail. Could you please advise how it should be installed? In addition our current doors are what I call plain slab doors with hinges at top and bottom. What material door would you recommend installing in that environment and should they have 3 hinges? We enjoyed watching the show where Danny & his wife updated their Beach Condo. Looking forward to hearing back. Carol Boyd


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