Bold mold on shower walls and ceiling
Black mold in the shower and on the ceiling usually indicates one or two problems. (DepositPhotos)

Black mold is a common problem in homes with regular exposure to moisture, particularly bathrooms. But there is something you can do about it.

Tim, a Today’s Homeowner Podcast listener, is dealing with this issue after converting a half-bath laundry room to a full bathroom.

He doesn’t regret the decision to convert the laundry room, but there is one unfortunate side effect. The ceiling now has black mold, and he thinks it’s coming from the shower steam.

That probably means one of two things: First, the drywall isn’t moisture-resistant, which should be the case for any bathroom. Otherwise, there’s just not enough ventilation to cover the space.

In either case, we have the solution.

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for that and many more home improvement tips!

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Simple Solutions

Shop Vacuum Filter Cleaning Tip — Who doesn’t love their shop vacuum? But, in order for it to operate at peak efficiency, it’s important to clean the filter on a regular basis. How do you do that neatly and quickly? Well, here’s one way to make your shop vacuum filter nice and clean again. 

Homemade Furniture Polish — Make an affordable, nontoxic furniture polish by mixing 1 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/8 cup of lemon juice.

Pour the solution into a plant mister and spray it onto wood surfaces. Rub in circles with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust, dirt and grime.

Then, use a second cloth to polish the surface in straight lines parallel with the direction of the wood grain. Watch the Video.

Question of the Week: Black Mold

Q: My downstairs bathroom used to be a half bath with a washer, dryer and window. We converted it many years ago to a full bath.

We moved our washer and dryer to the basement and framed out the window where the shower is now. I added an exhaust vent for the steam.

Over the years, the ceiling would get spots of black mold, which seems to be coming from the steam of the shower.

Should it be sealed with a mold and mildew blocker, then re-painted or should I rip down the ceiling and green board it?

A: First, make sure the drywall isn’t damaged beyond repair. That’s probably not the case, but it’s always good to check.

The only reason to replace the drywall is if the mold and mildew have worked their way through the drywall.

Cleaning it, sanding it and applying primer and the best mold and mildew resistant paint may be the best way to go. Don’t forget about increasing the ventilation, too.

You may need a more powerful vent fan, or just to check whether it’s being vented outside and not directly into the attic.

When it comes to vent fans, not just any one of them will do. You need one that’s made to move air from your unique space, and that space varies from home to home.

While you’re at the home center, look at the cubic feet per minute that the vent fan moves, and then use our Bathroom Fan CFM Calculator to determine whether it’s the right match for your bathroom.

Wondering how to clean black mold in the shower? That’s easy. Wet and Forget Shower is specially formulated to kill mold and prevent its re-growth.

Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to apply. Just spray it in the shower once a week, right after you shower, and let then the formula work its magic the next time you shower.

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