Removing Mold & A Surprise Remodeling Project | Ep. 12

On this week’s podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:

• A mother wants to surprise her daughter by transforming a spare room into a dance studio. The daughter wrote a four-page proposal for the project. How she can get started on this transformation.
• The best way to combat mold
• Joe has a simple solution that will have you using a kitchen item to organize your workshop

Podcast Question of the Week:

Wayne in Florida says, “I know that I can recycle cardboard in my flower beds to prevent weeds. However by doing so can it cause termites to have a warm and welcoming place?”

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    • Absolutely, Wendell! You know the expression, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”
      There’s another expression, too: “Better safe than sorry.”
      Good luck!


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