ASK DANNY: What can I do about mold in my home?

Sandra has some serious moisture problems in her rental home, and she wonders what to do about the resulting mold.

I live in an old trailer … There were big gaps [all] the way around the whole trailer, almost a quarter-inch. I have done my best to seal them up. Now I have a bad moisture problem in here.
I rent and live in Missouri. Landlords are not too quick at getting anything done; they just want the rent. The underpinning is terrible; it’s busted up in some spots.
I can’t afford to do much of anything that’s costly. Any suggestions? Mold is growing in my bedroom now bad. I’ve sprayed peroxide on it to kill it.
Sandra Smith

It appears you have a high percentage of humidity in the home. The best way to combat that is with a small room dehumidifier.
The best thing to spray on the existing mold or mildew is an antimicrobial.
We’ve had good results from Wet and Forget Indoor.


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