May Home Maintenance To-Do List

Painting wood siding on home.
Painting wood siding on home.

To-Do #5: Repair and Touch Up Siding and Trim

Over time, the paint on the exterior of your house can peel or crack, leaving the siding underneath vulnerable to water damage. Small bare patches can be touched up, saving you the work and expense of painting the entire house.

To spot paint siding and trim:

    1. Clean the siding and trim to remove mildew and grime and allow the new paint to adhere to the surface.
    1. Scrape off any peeling paint, and use a rotary sander or sanding block to taper the edges of the remaining paint for a flat surface.
    1. Caulk any cracks or gaps using a quality exterior caulk.
  1. Prime and paint bare spots and caulked joints. Match the brush pattern of the previous paint job and feather the edges so the new paint won’t be visible.

To repaint an entire house, check out our video on Exterior House Painting.


  1. I was wondering if you needed projects for your TV show. I am a single mother of four children in Rhinelander, WI. I work full-time and have no family. My parents passed away 15 years ago. I know my dad would help if he were around! My home is 16 years old and needs lots of TLC, such as driveway sealing, more insulation, grass and roof help (lots of moss), repainting of front door, several vinyl siding pieces that need to be replaced, etc. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am more than willing to help, but don’t know HOW to do most of these things. Thanks so much for considering my request.

  2. I wish you the best of luck Lisa!! This is a great post Danny. I recently helped my step father with a lot if these things and it can be a bit of a back breaking process if you don’t space them out. Another thing with summer is making sure your home is safe and secure with quality locks. I love summer but it can bring out some that are up to no good.

  3. I have a large bedroom floor approximately 12′ x 20′, half of the subfloor is wooden and the add on is concrete. Can I use real wood 5″ x 3/4″ planks for the entire coverage or do I have to use another type of flooring? My concern is that the concrete side will not allow the wood to acclimate.


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