Masonry Sealers

For many homes the driveway is one of the largest surface areas that people first see, second only to the yard. Adding character to an otherwise dull, boring concrete surface can really make your home stand out.

Brick borders are one way to add a little spice, but here’s another easy to do idea that involves very little effort, but has a giant impact.

Masonry sealers can be applied to a concrete drive as easily as rolling on paint. Even easier is to pour the sealant into a pump-up sprayer to coat the surface, then use a paint roller on an extension pole to make sure it covers evenly.

While a natural look will help protect the concrete and prolong the life of your driveway; you can choose a wet look, or a high-gloss sealer, that enhances the surface color of the driveway and sets your home apart from the rest.


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