March Home Maintenance To-Do List

Sharpening a shovel with a file.
Sharpening a shovel with a file.

To-Do #7: Clean and Sharpen Garden Tools

Spring also heralds the arrival of the lawn and garden season! If you left your garden shed in disarray last fall, take some time now to clean and sharpen garden tools to give you a fresh start.

Clean, sharp tools not only make the job easier, but they also help prevent the spread of garden diseases and pests that may be hiding out in the soil.

  • Hand Tools: Cleaning and sharpening gardening hand tools, such as shovels and trowels, is a simple job involving a little elbow grease. Use steel wool or a wire brush to thoroughly clean and remove rust from the tools, then use a steel file to remove burrs and lightly sharpen the edges. Sand wooden handles with medium-grit sandpaper. Finally, apply a coat of oil to the blades and wooden handles to seal and protect the surfaces.
  • Pruning Tools: Fine cutting tools, such as pruning shears, will benefit from being taken apart and carefully sharpened using a honing stone.
  • Lawn Mower: Sharpen lawn mower blades by removing the spark plug wire, then loosening the bolt to remove the blade. Sharpen the blade using a metal file, bench grinder, or belt sander. Replace the blade, making sure it’s facing the same direction it was before, and tighten up the bolt before replacing the spark plug wire.

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  1. I caught the end of part of a radio show that talked about a product that can be sprayed on for mildew and it does not need washing off. The spokesman said you can find this product on our website which I have not be able to find. The radio show aired March 20, 2014 here in Florida on one of our local stations. Can you tell me the name of the product? thank you

  2. I have dark areas appearing on the asphalt shingles on my roof. Someone said it was a virus of some sort. Can you tell me the best way or product to remove it and what I might do to prevent it from returning.

  3. PLEASE, take my word for it!
    “Wet and Forget” is fantastic. We discovered it last year during one of Danny’s shows. We’ve used it on our deck, our siding, our shower, etc. Unbelievable how simple to use. “Wet and Forget”

  4. I need to replace my asphalt roof this year; is there a “barrier” that you can install on the roof deck before installing the roofing shingles that would make it more energy efficient?

  5. Hi Danny, i live on the mildew coast of Australia. Please show us a video to change ply cupboard doors to vented cupboard doors using dowels. If my thinking is correct this may elimate mould smells in rainy season…hopefully..tried damp rid..not working..thank you

  6. I am a 75 year old widow and faithfully watch your show. One question, my cement block basement has a crack in the mortar 3 blocks down. What needs to be done? Your advice has helped me complete most home repairs myself.

  7. I spoke with you a few years ago about adding a store room to the back of my garage. The problem was the slab was tilted about 6 inches. I asked your opinion of my proposed solution and you agreed. It worked perfectly.
    I had house leveled and I invite you to bring your crew to repair the cracks in my drywall and anything else around my house you would like to repair. I will make you a list as I am 70 years old and it is getting hard to make all the repairs I need.


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