March Home Maintenance To-Do List

Probing for top of septic tank to inspect.
Probing for top of septic tank to inspect.

To-Do #4: Septic Tank or Grinder Pump Inspection

Most of us don’t pay any attention to our home’s sewer/septic system until it stops working! Rather than dealing with the aftermath of a sewer backup in your home, take some time each year to have your septic tank or grinder pump inspected to be sure it’s in proper working order.

Septic Tank:

Septic tanks are buried underground. As water and waste enter the tank, anaerobic bacteria break down the waste and the solids sink to the bottom. The liquid flows out into leach field lines, where aerobic bacteria complete the decomposition process.

Septic tanks need to have the solid waste pumped out every three to five years. In the meantime, regular inspections can make sure the tank’s levels are safe, the bacteria is doing its job, and the leach field pipes are draining properly.

Slow drainage and wet, spongy soil are signs of a problem with your system and require emergency repair.

Grinder Pump:

Grinder pumps are installed in homes which are built downhill from the sewer line or in neighborhoods with pressurized sewer lines. The pump is located inside a small, buried tank.

Water and waste enter the tank and are then ground up and pumped uphill to the sewer line. These pumps and tanks need to be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is in working order.


  1. Was looking for a link to the grout information talked about on the front page and did not find it.

    LOVE your TV show. I am hesitant to try these home improvement things, but I love to listen and build up my courage!

    Thank you

  2. sealing: is it necessary? What is the best sealer.
    How to clean: I use a paste of baking soda and water which works great, but is quite a chore. Anything better?

    Thank you


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