Living Room Gets Rustic Renovation

Next, we add faux shiplap to complete this fireplace’s rustic look. We used 1/4-inch Lauan Plywood, which is affordable, popular and available at the home center.

And we make it match in this recessed area in the living room, too:

Add faux beam to the living room

Installing a faux beam breaks up the family room ceiling’s monotony and adds dimension and visual interest to an otherwise blank space.


  1. Thank you for your show. I have learned so much, and have used your instructions. I replaced my kitchen back splash last year which was gratifying to do it myself. Your shows have inspired me! Also, this isn’t the place to say this, but thank you for putting your shows on Amazon. I don’t always get to watch them so being able to go back and view past episodes has been fantastic. Thank you again, I look forward to many more great ideas 😀


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