Family Room Makeover: Updating a Dark, Retro Den

Lightened den featuring a flat-screen TV, fireplace and bookcase
You’d never know Neil and Whitney Christopher’s den was from the 1970s after we lightened and brightened it.

When you have a dark, dated den, the only real solution is to lighten, brighten and update!

Six months ago, Neil and Whitney Christopher moved into this forty-year-old home with their children, Landry and Eliza.

Now, they’re ready for a more modern and inviting den.

Den from 1970s before painting
We mask the areas before painting.

The Projects

Paint Ceiling

Neil gets to be a house painter for a day!

The first big chore toward brightening up this den? Painting the ceiling.

Neil gets familiar with the paint roller.

Spray All Walls, Shelves and Bookcases

Using a paint sprayer makes jobs go much faster.

Neil and Whitney work into the evening and get two coats of paint on the walls.

The next morning, Neil starts on coat number 3.

We also paint the bookcases and shelves.


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