Live, Sleep, Eat Tennis!

Well, it’s been a hot summer this year and playing my favorite past time, tennis, has been a bit grueling to say the least. I’ve always heard that it’s about 10 to 15 degrees hotter on the court than outside and this season, I believe it! But I got a chance to be more involved this summer with several tennis leagues around Atlanta: USTA and League Tennis.

Live, Sleep, Eat Tennis!

For USTA, I enjoy getting the opportunity to play with my twin sister, Jenny. She is also my spring and fall Alta partner, another league here in Atlanta. This summer we went up a level in the USTA ranking and joined a new team. A bit nervous at first, we were immediately embraced by the other ladies and had a great regular season . . . now our team is in the playoffs. So far so good!

Steve, my real life co-host, has been very patient with my every spare moment spent on the court . . . he now has turned into the team photographer! He actually caught a very funny snapshot while I was in the heat of a match and I thought I’d share it . . . he entered it into a tennis photography contest judging next month. I told him that it’s a great representation of how I feel about tennis, so we titled it “Live, Sleep, Eat Tennis!”


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