Many people are upset about the mercury content in compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), but there’s a much greater amount found in fluorescent tubes. In fact the amount of mercury found in the first CFLs could fit on the tip of a pencil, and today’s CFLs have half that amount. Plus, there are a number of very safe and efficient ways of deposing of the bulbs. Watch this video to find out more.


Kids sure do love a good fairy tale. It’s great for their imaginations and they hold on to every word. But there are a lot of adults out there who also believe in a few myths, especially when it comes to thinking green. Here’s a good example.

There are a lot of people up in arms about the mercury content in compact fluorescent light bulbs. Funny thing is, no one has said much about the greater amount of mercury found in those old fluorescent tubes. And, the truth of the matter is, the amount of mercury in the first CFL’s would fit on the tip of a pencil.

The newer generations of compact fluorescents are even more efficient and have only half the amount of mercury. Plus, there are extremely safe methods for properly disposing of any burnt out or broken CFL’s.

So, before you start “crying wolf,” be sure you put down the fairy tales and get the real facts.

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Danny Lipford


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