This LED bulb has a battery backup

Battery Backup LED
Don’t get caught in the dark during power outages. Feit’s IntelliBulb offers a battery backup lighting source.

Battery backup lights are required in most commercial environments, but now you can have the same convenience at home – simply by changing a lamp bulb.

This LED bulb looks like a regular 40-watt bulb you would see in a lamp, but it includes an emergency battery backup that provides up to three hours of reliable lighting when the power goes out.

The internal battery charges as it lights the room, so as long as you turn it on regularly it’s always charged.

The bulb fits a standard socket and can be recharged again and again.

You can find this product at The Home Depot.


  1. Is it possible to turn this on and off or does it just go to battery backup when you turn the power off?


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