How to Make Rustic Light Balls with Chicken Wire

Want to give your backyard a modern farmhouse vibe? Make these chicken-wire light balls!

Hanging these handmade orbs around your yard will add rustic ambiance and create the perfect environment for a backyard party.

They’re simple to make and add character to any outdoor space!

Materials Needed

Wire cutters
Use heavy-duty snips to cut through chicken wire.

1. Cut and Roll the Chicken Wire

Cut a section of chicken wire about three times wider than the diameter you want for the finished light ball. Use snips tough enough to cut through metal.

Then roll the chicken wire into a cylinder and tie it together with the wire. 

chicken wire
Shape the chicken wire as desired for your light ball.

2. Sculpt Your Wire Light Ball

Fold the cylinder’s ends into the middle and begin sculpting the orb shape. Be sure to secure the folds by bending over the wire’s raw ends. 

Chelsea orb light
Wrap string lights around the chicken wire light ball.

3. Add the Lights

Fish one end of string lights through holes in the chicken wire and begin wrapping the string around the orb until you reach the other end. 

Then, repeat the process of fishing the plug to secure the string lights. 

Now the light ball is ready to hang — by itself or with others.

Watch the video above for more information!

Chicken wire orb light
Chicken wire light balls can be hung in groups around your yard.

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We purchased enough materials to create multiple sets of light balls.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for this project:

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