GE Bright Stik LED Light Bulbs

Holding package of GE Bright Stik LED Light Bulbs.
Energy Efficient GE Bright Stik LED Light Bulbs.

GE Bright Stik LED light bulbs have a compact shape that fits most light fixtures.

GE Bright Stik Features:

  • Energy Efficient: 83% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Instant Brightness: Full 760 lumens brightness instantly.
  • Affordable Cost: Under $4.00 per bulb.
  • Light Color: Pleasing soft white (2700K) light.
  • Bulb Life: Last over 13 years on average (3 hours per day).

GE Bright Stik LED light bulbs are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know there have been a lot of innovations when it comes to light bulbs, making them more energy efficient. But when you make it more energy efficient bulb, it actually kind of jacks the price up, so the downside of that is that they can be really expensive.

But GE has come out with the bright stick, and I actually have this right here in my hand. This is an LED light bulb that is instantly bright the second you turn it on, because that’s actually another complaint of LEDs is that it takes a little bit of time to warm them up before you get the brightness that you need.

I’ll show you right here. I can turn it on, I can turn it off, and it is instantly bright. Now, this profile is perfect for any of your light fixtures, and it fits in all of your light fixtures unlike some LED lights.

You can save up to six dollars a year for every fixture that you have one of these light bulbs in. Now, you’re saying, “Six dollars a fixture, Jodi, really?” But think about it. How many fixtures do you have at your home?

And again, you’re getting three bulbs now for what it would cost if you’d have buy an LED when they first came out. So, they’ve gotten a lot more reasonable in price, too.


  1. Who uses bulbs for only 3 hours a day? More than half of the bulbs in my home are used between 12 and 22 hours a day. Even the ones I barely use are on between 4 and six hours a day.


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