Defiant Motion Activated LED Security Light

Box containing Defiant motion activated LED security light.

The Defiant outdoor security light is an energy efficient way to light up your yard to deter intruders and provide illumination for outside activities.

Defiant security light features include:

  • Three long lasting, energy efficient LED lights.
  • Provides 270° of illumination when mounted on a corner.
  • Lights are motion sensitive up to 70’ away.

Defiant Motion Security LED Lights are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Well, over here in the lighting department, you can see there’s no shortage of choices when you’re trying to find a motion security light for your home. And there are many different features, just depending upon what you’re looking for; but I want to highlight this one in particular, because I think it’s really good.

This is by Defiant. And this particular light is set apart from the other ones. Because look right here, you can already see it has three lights on it.

Another thing that sets it apart is that it’s got the LED technology. What does that mean for you? It’s going to last longer, it’s going to save you money, and it’s a lot more of an intense light when it comes on.

Now, this has a full range of 270 degrees of light and motion detection. And, speaking of motion detection, this can detect up to 70 feet away.

So, all of these features, combined in this one little package, is perfect for your home security.


  1. These Defiant lights do not work. I had them installed and the motion sensor doesn’t work 70 feet away. They only come on or blink red (daytime) when you are directly under them. I gave up on the motion sensor and just turned the lights on at night only to have the shut off during the night. DO not buy these. These are awful lights!!!

  2. I’m on my third set, they work when they feel like it. sometimes they stay on all day. Then other times they trigger at night for no reason. Then if it rains forget them working at all. Home Depot thinks I’m nuts, like I said I have returned them three different times for new ones and after a couple days they act the same as the ones I returned. I would like to know who manufacture these.

  3. I agree with the first review. I have had 2. Both of them have stopped working due to water intrusion. I thought it was my fault on the first one for not sealing the base well enough. There was water inside the led housing. I’m assuming it shorted out the lights. On the second install, I sealed the base extremely well. When I pulled it down to investigate why it was not working again, I noticed the motion sensor full of water.

    This light is mounted under an eave in a typical location. Neither light lasted 90 days. Granted, there were a couple of heavy rains, but this unit is NOT damp proof. It appears that if any sort of rain hit it, it will fail. The light itself is fantastic, but it simply is not durable. Do not mount this in a location where it can get wet. I would only consider this light if it can be mounted in a dry location.

  4. We love the fact that It gives out the necessary light that we need. The down side is, the bugs they attract. I almost want to take them down because the bugs are so bad. I would welcome any remedy that anyone would offer.

  5. Love the bright light.
    Down side is there is no adjust on the detection sensitivity. Because of the 180 degree of detection, on windy days, the movement of my neighbor’s tree would turn the light on repeatedly.
    POOR design for an expensive item.

  6. I have a defiant LSD motion security light, it is mounted under the eave beside the door, about 9 or 10 feet above the street, will light up for cars on the street but not for cars parking in front of the house, or walking up the walk.

  7. Model 84045 Defiant solar motion light. Bought in July. Now the light barely comes on, when motion is detected. It shows a normal light when turned on by toggle switch. Could the battery be going bad this soon. Any suggestions?

  8. Had professional install my 159.95 motion detector mounted under my upper deck. Worked 6 months and water seeped into lights and now are useless. Electrician of 30 yrs. took it down and showed me despite sealing it when installed design flaw when mounted up under and not flush with house. I had to but another model w/o chance of water getting in. I want to return it.

  9. We bought two Defiant 48-Light White Outdoor Solar LED Motion Lights for our new house. We love them. Recently one of them began to act like a strobe light…flickering off and on. Also at times it would not come on at all and at other times worked perfectly. Now it’s not sensing at all. If we put it on the on setting…the light comes on but not on the auto setting. Is it the battery or has the sensor gone bad….please help.

  10. I bought the Defiant 180 Degree Motion Security LED Light several months ago. I should have taken it back. It actually comes on at 6pm or 8pm automatically. But when I need it in the morning, NOTHING!! I took it down and set the timer and though it was working okay (at least for a day). In the morning, NOTHING!! Please tell me what is going on with the unit. Gives good light, only thing is, not when I truly need it (in the morning, or if I come in after dark). It’s like clockwork at 6pm and/or 8pm (daylight savings).

  11. defiant lights are waste of money mine worked for 2 months started flashing went on off when it wanted to now doesnt work at all . home depot should pull the product so other people don t waste their money.

  12. These units are very unreliable. Contacted their “customer support” who just gave me a line of BS, insinuating that it was my fault. Very disturbing!

  13. I read all of the customer comments. Not one positive comment. Has the problems not by the customers been corrected? I am still shopping.

  14. I installed a Defiant LED motion sensor outdoor light. It failed in less than a year. I paid an electrician to check the wiring and switch and he found the light to be defective. I cost $80 and an electrician to check it out!

  15. I bought the $160 model 2 years ago and it worked fabulously. I liked the fact I could set it using my iPhone and Bluetooth. The light provided safety for my dogs going out at night. And, I would leave it on from dusk to dawn.

    Then, I had my house pressure washed this week and the light stopped working. When I investigated, I could see water in one of the lights. The light was installed properly but the seal was not caulked. I hope I can get the light replaced soon as I depended on it.

  16. We just installed our motion lite by an electrical contractor. When turned on it aks like a strobe light and doesn’t turn off after a length of time. Is there something we should do?

  17. I installed the Defiant Motion Activated LED Security Light at the front of my house in September 2016. It had been working normally since.
    When first installed, I spent couple days to tweak the light to get the desired detection range and angle for my need. Haven’t any issues so far.

  18. Where do I order the 30 ft extension cord the manual says is available on Home Depot website. ????I looked????? WHERE????? Model #0452

  19. I cannot change on and off time with my Defiant in walk switch due to the fact that my new phone 10 R does not have a port for connecting wire. Is there a solution?

    • Hi, William,
      We recommend contacting the manufacturer (in this case, Defiant) for product-specific questions.
      Good luck!

  20. I had a Defiant Security light installed by an electrician and got the app and everything seemed to be fine for several months. Now, all of a sudden, the light stays on all night, the settings seemed to have changed on their own. I forgot the original password so now I am trying to rest it again. I had hoped it to be more reliable.

  21. I have the same problems as a number of other customers, worked for a few months now it’s a strobe light.


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