Lighting is everything: it sets the tone of a space, and it has the capacity to make or break any mood. You’ve definitely thought about lighting in your romantic spaces – the mood needs to be perfect, and lighting is a powerful tool for that. But the same rule extends to every space, including functional spaces like the garage.

Task lighting is typically the main concern for garage, but it’s also important to make sure you don’t just depend on the biggest, brightest fluorescent lighting you can find. Sure, it’ll provide plenty of visibility, but you don’t want so much big and bold lighting that being in the space gives you a headache. You want the lighting to be just right for how you intend to use the space, so let’s explore 9 of the best garage LED lights for your garage. You can pick and choose which ones meet your needs and employ several different solutions to create the perfect lighting package for your own garage.

How to Choose Garage Led Lights That Fit Your Particular Garage Needs:

  • Consider your garage’s purpose: Before looking for LED garage lights, nail down your purpose for your garage – and there can be several. Large, bright LED lighting will be best for the workshop corner while soft LED lighting will better suit outdoor living, and keep reading to see options for every purpose.
  • Know your garage’s dimensions: Once you’ve determined your garage’s purpose, you need to know your garage’s dimensions to ensure your lighting system appropriately lights your space. Ensure the main LED lights provide 1000 lumens per 10 square feet, and add appropriate task or ambient lighting to each space on top of that.
  • Choose an aesthetic: You might not care what the lights in your garage look like as long as you can see. But, then again, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article if that was the case, so consider the “look” you want before diving in. LED lights to mimic can lighting are perfect for minimal, modern spaces and a sleek LED lamp will seamlessly blend into a workspace.
  • Be creative: There are probably solutions for garage lighting you haven’t considered, and alternative lighting applications might best meet your goals. Read this article to see a wide range of options that can be incorporated together to form a solid LED lighting system.

#1 UFO LED Ceiling Lamp

For task lighting, brightness and positioning are key. The light needs to illuminate the space you’re working well enough that the eyes can focus on minute details and small pieces, and it needs to be positioned so that the light is directly overhead (no weird shadows, please!). If your garage doubles as a workspace, keep this in mind for that portion of the garage.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to purchase individual lights and hang them variously above the workspace. Something super affordable and versatile, like this hanging LED UFO light, is ideal. You can purchase several, and because they plug into an outlet or extension cord they aren’t limited to permanent fixtures or wiring. They can be hung as needed and their placement adjusted to suit any working environment.

Best for garage workspaces that demand versatile task lighting.

The biggest advantage: This fixture is extremely simple to install. If you can screw a hook into the ceiling and plug something into a standard outlet, you can install this yourself anywhere.

Key parameters: 

  1. Volts: 120V.
  2. Hanging span: 10-12 feet.
  3. Lifespan: 50,000 hours.


  • Fool-proof to install.
  • Can be hung anywhere if your extension cord is long enough.
  • Provides enough light for task lighting.

Keep in mind:

  • Best to hang from a stud, as the weight could weigh on drywall over time and cause cracks.
  • This fixture isn’t wired into the electrical system by default, meaning you can’t turn it on and off with a light switch unless you’ve wired the outlet it’s plugged into for such.

#2 Lijun LED Double Hinge Deformable Garage Light

The garage serves a plethora of purposes: parking, storage, workspace, extra living space, a mechanic shop, and, quite frankly, whatever purpose you want it to serve. If your garage is multi-functional, you might find that your primary uses each require a different type of LED lights. But make sure your lighting solutions are anchored by great central fixtures.

A lot of people assume they’re limited to what’s already installed, especially if they aren’t handy enough to do electrical work on their own. These deformable LED lights, however, screw into any standard bulb fixture to provide that anchor of bright clarity. And because the lights are affixed to deformable hinges, they can be positioned according to where you need the light to hit.

Best for anchoring the garage lighting system with bright, LED, adjustable fixtures.

The biggest advantage: The articulated panels allow you to concentrate the light where you need it the most while illuminating the entire space.

Key parameters: 

  1. Power consumption: 60W.
  2. Light emission: 150W.
  3. Arm adjustment capacity: 90 degrees.


  • Articulated panels allow light distribution where it’s most valuable.
  • Screws into standard bulb sockets for universal use.
  • Provides enough light for a moderately sized space.

Keep in mind:

  • This is great as a base light-source, but for task lighting consider a localized light source, like a lamp or directly overhead light.
  • Make sure your light-bulb sockets are high-powered enough and correctly sized for this light. Adapters are available. 

#3 Barrina Ceiling/Under Cabinet Lights

Sometimes less is more, and that’s especially true of these LED light strips. This set of six strips pares down the idea of LED lighting into the essentials: a streamlined function. Devoid of extra hinges, unnecessary bulk, and added features, this light system is ideal for placement where you need specific visibility.

Great for under cabinets and along walkways, this set adds the finishing touch to a garage LED lighting system. It comes with everything but a drill for installation, and because they’re all connected by included wiring they’re perfect for adding that extra touch of visibility in a steady fashion.

Best for added visibility under cabinets and along walkways in the garage.

The biggest advantage: This set comes with everything necessary to add LED light with a minimal design under cabinets, etc.

Key parameters: 

  1. Connection length: 20”.
  2. Output: 2200 lumens.
  3. Energy usage: 20W.


  • Multi-use.
  • Comes with everything included for installation.
  • Minimal design.

Keep in mind:

  • These don’t emit enough light to illuminate an entire room and are instead intended for localized illumination.
  • Need to be installed close together so they can connect to one another.

#4 Lithonia LED Motion Sensor Light

As previously mentioned, a good LED garage lighting system isn’t complete without a good central fixture that meets the basic needs. You can add all the undercabinet lighting, LED strips, and task lighting you want, but without a good central fixture your lighting will be incomplete.

The Lithonia motion sensor LED fixture is that solution for anyone who wants a motion-activated light to provide basic lighting to the entire garage when it’s in use. Mounted to the ceiling or hung via suspension, this fixture can be hard-wired into the garage or plugged into any standard outlet. This means anyone can install it, regardless of electrical or technical skill.

Best for basic, motion-activated lighting in any garage.

The biggest advantage: The versatility of this LED garage light means you can have it permanently installed as a fixture, or you can plug it into any regular electrical outlet.

Key parameters: 

  1. Power usage: 120V.
  2. Suspension cable length: 18”.
  3. Auto turn-off: 1-10 minutes.


  • Versatile installation: AC outlet plug-in or hardwire.
  • Can be suspended from the ceiling or installed flush.

Keep in mind:

  • Best installed from the ceiling.
  • Consider attaching to studs from installation points.

#5 Huttoly Single Hinge Deformable LED Lights (2-pack)

For two car garages (or more), finding enough light can be a challenge. The space is pretty much just a big rectangle, and it can seem like no matter how much light you add it just gets lost in the high ceilings and large number of square feet. That’s when this two-pack of LED hinged lights comes in handy.

Screwed into regular light sockets, this pair of LED lights provides bright, white light to illuminate the garage for any purpose, and the hinged lights allow you to point the lights at any angle for optimal visibility. Instead of just pointing down, you can face the light source in every direction so it doesn’t get lost in the floor and actually provides light to the entire space.

Best for large garages that need extra light for full visibility.

The biggest advantage: This set provides enough light for a large space, and the articulated arms allow you to focus the light where it’s most useful.

Key parameters: 

  1. Light output: 6000 lumens each.
  2. Base size: E26-E27.
  3. Panels: 3 each.


  • Versatile panels illuminate where most necessary.
  • Two-pack can light a large garage.
  • Screw-in design works with standard bulb outlets.

Keep in mind:

  • This unit doesn’t come with an adaptor, so make sure your light bulb sockets are the right size. Adaptors are available from other sellers if they don’t fit.
  • Not intended for large-area task lighting, but they do provide enough light for basic use in a large 2-car garage.

#6 Hylele LED Utility Lamp

Maybe you use your garage for the basic purpose only: parking. But if you use your garage for any of a multitude of workspace purposes, you could benefit from direct, super bright LED lighting onto your task space. 

Typically meant for outdoor lamp lighting, people have utilized this ultra-bright light to illuminate large garage workshops. The extra light provides excellent visibility for detailed work as well as work with small parts. It’s perfect for large garages with intense workspaces, but it’s not meant for the faint of heart or for everyday use. It is bright.

The biggest advantage: This unit concentrates a ton of light where you need it the most.

Key parameters: 

  1. Light output: 400W.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. Pole mount: 3 ⅞”-4”.


  • Extremely bright for task lighting.
  • Hardwired into the electrical system for permanent use.

Keep in mind:

  • These are made for outdoor use, but are great for illuminating detailed task-work in the garage.
  • Must be installed by a professional, so it’s best for hardcore garage workshops.

#7 Bbounder Deformable Hanging LED Shop Light

Perhaps you can’t decide between hinged LED lights and basic strip lighting, and you’d benefit from a hybrid LED light fixture in the garage. The articulated hinges on some LED lights point the light where you need it to be. But sometimes nothing can replace a good, old fashioned, long-line LED hanging light.

Luckily, Bbounder has created a hanging LED shop light with articulated sides so you can direct the light where you need it to be. The light won’t get lost facing directly onto the floor if you need to articulate the light into a different direction.

Best for garage shops that require directed light.

The biggest advantage: As a hybrid, this fixture combines shop-light power with articulated versatility.

Key parameters: 

  1. Length: 4 feet.
  2. Energy use: 80W.
  3. Light output: 6400 lumens.


  • Hybrid between a standard shop light and articulated sides allows for large-area light with extra focus.
  • Can be mounted flush to the ceiling or hung suspended with provided chains.
  • Emits a lot of light for industrial-type (or personal workshop) use.

Keep in mind:

  • If you do want to hang suspended from the ceiling, make sure the anchors are very secure. If the instructions aren’t followed carefully, the anchors can pull on drywall and cause damage.
  • This amount of light can be hard for garage living space.

#8 Taloya Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

If you’re looking for a simple way to bring the look of interior recessed lights into the garage, these Taloya lights could be your best bet. Every garage is different, and while some require a lot of heavy duty task lighting, others are best suited for aesthetic choices like this. 

For example, if you’re not really into woodworking, mechanic work, or other handy activities, and your garage is primarily a space for extra living area and parking, you might benefit more from these lights than a heavy duty shop light. They’re slim, modern, and provide soft bright light for a basic garage.

Best for finished garages that would benefit from extra light with a modern design.

The biggest advantage: This aesthetic option provides garage lighting with a recessed look.

Key parameters: 

  1. Energy use: 18W.
  2. Light output: 1800 lumens.
  3. Lasts: 30,000 hours.


  • Sleek appearance looks great in finished garages.
  • The four-pack together can light an entire small garage with basic lighting.

Keep in mind:

  • These are not intended for task lighting.
  • Must be hard-wired into the electrical system, but they’re set up to be easy enough for anyone with basic skills.

#9 LED Color Changeable Strip Lights

When considering garage LED lighting, don’t forget about the fun part! Mood lighting is vital. Garages are so often used for utility activity that we forget to keep it liveable. 

These LED strip lights change color and brightness on command, and they can add some extra attitude to any space. But they aren’t just for fun! They’re great to add extra light under cabinets, along baseboards, or anywhere else that could use a little added visibility. 

Best for adding atmosphere to the garage.

The biggest advantage: This atmosphere lighting is fool-proof to install.

Key parameters: 

  1. Length: 65 feet.
  2. Colors: Red, blue, green.
  3. Power source: AC outlet.


  • Easy to install for anyone who can read basic instructions: no electrical skills required.
  • Super affordable.
  • Different lighting options can set any mood.

Keep in mind:

  • This is not intended to replace task lighting or even space lighting. It is for localized lighting and mood lighting.
  • This isn’t heavy duty, and might not last forever. It’s meant to add fun and accent lighting.

What to Look for When Choosing Garage LED lights:

#1 How bright are the lights?

When considering LED lighting for your garage, you must know how bright you need your lights to be before purchasing. This isn’t something you want to trial and error, simply because there are so many options to choose from and it can become quite expensive to make mistakes in your purchases. “Lumens” are the measurement to determine how much light an LED garage light puts off.  A good rule of thumb is that for basic overall lighting a 10-square-foot space would require 1000 lumens. For task lighting you might want to double the illumination output (or “lumens”) in your task area. Make sure to look for how many lumens a fixture puts off and compare it to your needs before purchasing.

#2 What are your lighting needs? Can you create a system of several styles to be more versatile? 

A garage is a big, open space. Light can get lost in the high ceilings and the large number of square feet, but defining your space will help you decide where to put what lights to section off the space for different uses. For example, one big light in the room isn’t going to be as efficient as adding a smaller, brighter light in your workspace while installing softer lighting throughout the rest of the garage for parking and storage. Likewise, adding under-cabinet lighting in your storage space will help add storage visibility while sectioning off spaces at the same time.

#3 Consider your skill level, and get creative.

Sure, installing permanent lighting is always nice. The dream is to have hardwired light sources all over the garage that perfectly match how you use each section of the area: under-cabinet LED lights in storage areas, high-powered lamps over your workstation, and soft-white can lights throughout. Reality, however, may dictate otherwise. For example, if you aren’t skilled at electrical work you might need to get creative and find solutions that don’t require hardwiring. Also, many people require transitional solutions that can be adjusted as life mandates. Your workstation might need to be moved one day, after all. Consider your skill level and life’s demands, and get creative to find a work-around.

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