A vibrant lawn and garden make your home attractive and inviting. But you’re unlikely to work on your yard without dedicated tool storage.

An organized space makes everything you need easy to find and within reach. These tips should work for most homes.

Shed with yard stools stored inside
The best place for yard tools is a dedicated, easily accessible space. | ©vubaz – stock.adobe.com

1. Get a Storage Shed

This first yard tool storage idea is perhaps the most expensive one on the list, but it’s also the best option for storing lawn and garden supplies.

You can buy a storage shed from your local home and garden center, work with a storage shed manufacturer for a custom creation, or build one yourself.

If you purchase a shed from the home center, your options will likely be plastic or wood kits that come with everything you need. You can install them with basic tools or pay extra for installation.

Plastic sheds are maintenance-free and some models can even be painted. With wood, expect unfinished interior walls (that you may want to cover with drywall) and the usual upkeep.

Working with a storage shed manufacturer for a custom build is a pricier option, but it’s the best one if you want the closest match to your home’s exterior appearance.

Of course, there’s always the DIY route. You can search for shed plans online and bet that the active woodworking community has an option that matches your style. Some plans are available for purchase, but others are free.

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Messy shed
When a shed looks like this inside, who would want to retrieve something from it?

2. Organize Your Shed

Many homeowners have dedicated space for yard tool storage, but stay stressed from the mess inside.

So, what if you have a shed, but it’s a disaster? First, organize it. Repurposing old furniture (that can come from your home or a thrift store) makes this an affordable project.

Repurposed potting bench in she shed
This former entertainment center is now a potting bench that conceals watering cans and gardening trowels when not in use.

For instance, convert an old entertainment center into a potting bench. Cabinet doors conceal fertilizer, planters, potting soil and gardening trowels, making the space look neat.

In addition, drive gutter spikes into the walls’ studs to hang rakes, shovels, pruning shears and loppers. Nothing will ever be out of place again, and that’s all it takes for functional storage!

Watch: Surprise Shed Makeover

Lawn and garden tools stored in garage
This garage serves as a gym in addition to storage space for power tools and lawn and garden equipment. And there’s still space to park the car!

3. Create Garage ‘Zones’

Maybe you don’t have space — or enough in the budget — for a shed. If that’s the case, work with what you have. A great location for yard tool storage is the garage.

If this sounds like an unrealistic option, that’s because many garages, over time, become a dumping ground and a disaster.

First, clean up the garage. Discard or donate what you don’t need, and redesign your garage with storage in mind.

Usually, you have three walls to work with, so devote one zone to bikes and kids’ toys, another zone to power tools, and a third zone to lawn and garden tools. Or designate zones to meet your household’s unique needs.

Here are some options for those yard tools:

Wall-mounted yard tool storage
You can build a wall-mounted rack for storing lawn and garden tools, or just buy one at the home center.

Wall-Mounted Rack: Keep gardening tools off the floor and you’ll never lose them again! Cut a 1-by-4-inch board to the desired length and mount the board horizontally on the wall at the proper height with screws or nails. Then attach hooks and nails to the board and hang your lawn and garden tools on the rack.

Or you could just buy a wall-mounted rack from your local home center.  

And don’t forget gutter spikes! Drive them into your garage wall’s studs for easy yard tool storage.

Hook ’em: Drill pilot holes in the underside of a ceiling joist before inserting screw hooks. Then drill holes in the ends of the tool handles and insert screw eyes. Finally, hang your lawn and garden tools on the hooks, so they are out of the way.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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