The Easy-to-Use Worx GT Trimmer & Edger

Product image of the Worx GT string trimmer and edger
The Worx GT is an easy-to-use and well-performing string trimmer and edger.

Use: String trimmer/edger for your yard.
Cost: $99.95 + $26.00 S&H = $125.95 total
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Worx GT is a cordless string trimmer/edger powered by a lithium-ion battery that is supposed to make fast work of trimming your lawn and yard. The Worx GT required some assembly, and the instruction manual consisted mostly of pictures, so it took some work to get it assembled.

The Worx GT performed well and it was easy to convert it from trimmer to edger. The self-feeding string mechanism didn’t always work, requiring the string to be pulled out manually. However, overall the tool performed well.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Kate Arrington, along with her husband Henry and their son Henry Jr., recently moved into this older home on a massive piece of property. We asked her to check out the Worx GT, a combination string trimmer edger that’s full of features that the manufacturer says make it the must-have tool of active gardeners like Kate. Kate loves working on the lawn and the garden.

Kate Arrington: I do a lot of yard work, yes sir. Every weekend I’m dedicated to the yard. I would much rather be out in my yard doing yard work and weeding than laundry any day.

Danny Lipford: Since this tool requires some assembly we wondered how well the instructions would help.

Kate Arrington: Well it’s showing pictures, but it’s not giving a description of what to do.

Danny Lipford: But eventually Kate gets it assembled and put it to work. The Worx GT is powered by a lithium-ion battery, so it’s supposed to be lightweight and easy to use.

Kate Arrington: Ta-da!

Danny Lipford: The metal guide on the front is supposed to allow you to keep your distance from things like light posts or flower beds.

Kate Arrington: It seems really easy to use. It cleans it right up. I mean it’s pretty explanatory for your guard to tell you where to go and stop.

Danny Lipford: Another easy-to-use feature is the Worx infomercial hyped is the tool’s handle.

Kate Arrington: Six different settings to the handle.

Danny Lipford: Which adjusts to several different positions to accommodate operators of different heights. Then the cutting head can also be rotated 90 degrees, which allows it to be used as an edger.

Hey, Kate’s been playing with this a little while. Let’s see what she really thinks about it. They make a lot of claims about this. What do you think so far? What’s your first impression?

Kate Arrington: So far it’s been good. I like it. It’s lightweight. It’s really easy to use.

Danny Lipford: Well, you’ve got a lot of yard here. I guess it’s a lot better just the overall design, not having to have a cord to drag around.

Kate Arrington: Absolutely, you can trip up so easily on those cords, so not having that around is nice.

Danny Lipford: Now I saw earlier you were changing it from the string trimmer back to the edger. How easy was that?

Kate Arrington: It was really easy. The only problem that I really found with it is the string itself is supposed to self-feed.

Danny Lipford: That’s right.

Kate Arrington: And it did not.

Danny Lipford: Oh, okay.

Kate Arrington: So I noticed after a while, hey it’s not cutting, so I had to go in there and manually pull it out.

Danny Lipford: With the exception of the auto-feed feature, which doesn’t work perfectly every time, the Worx does seem to deliver on its promise, and the price is comparable to the models you’ll find at your local home center. So we’re giving it a four out of five stars.


  1. I enjoyed this review, the Workx product does look handy. I just wanted to mention that I have used the Black & Decker NS family of cordless trimmer and blower and the automatic line feed on that has worked very well over a number of years. It doesn’t work as an edger though. B&D has a trimmer, blower, and cordless drill that use the same battery. I think Workx uses a common battery among various tools also, so that is very handy. A battery operated string trimmer will run for a pretty long time so it’s great, whereas in blower mode it’s really only good for short jobs.

  2. I found the trim line strength not adequate for trimming. It broke or wore down almost as soon as I began trimming. Otherwise, the other features highlighted in the video were consistent with my test use of the trimmer. When they are able to increase the strength of the trim line I will buy the trimmer again.

  3. Re: Worx GT String Trimmers
    You address the average running time of a fully charged battery but I see nowhere that you give the average life of any. They are just too expensive to have to replace every year or two.

  4. Worx gtrevolution
    Works very well! 20v battery got hot about an hour into edging but popped another in and continued. Must press auto line feed about 3 times to get sufficient amount of string and need to do that about every 5 feet.
    At first I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the handle for edging, but found info on the worx site very quickly. conversion to weed eater. This model performs as advertised!!!

  5. I have an older worx I cant seem to turn it to edge I lost my manual and you tube video doesn’t show older model


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