Water-Wise Containers

With all the activities that today’s homeowners have, its really pretty hard sometimes to cultivate an entire garden. But you can bring beautiful plants closer to your house on your deck or patio through container gardening. Although this still requires a little maintenance, here are some tricks of the trade to cut down on all of the required watering.

  • First of all, take smaller plants, and while still in their container, place them into larger pots and then add a little peat moss. This will reduce evaporation.
  • Another thing you can do is group all your plants very tightly together, this will help the plants shade each other.
  • Plastic pots are great because they don’t wick the water away from the plant, and if you live in a climate that gets frost, they will be fine all throughout the winter.
  • Finally, and probably most importantly, you have to water container plants twice every time you water them. This will allow the water to sink to the plant’s roots after expansion.



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