Vinegar Weed Killer

Weeds popping up through paving stones or cracks in sidewalks can be a huge annoyance. Here’s a solution to stop them without back breaking work or toxic pesticides. Fill a spray bottle with household white vinegar, and spray it liberally on the offending weeds.

The acidity of the vinegar with a little help from the sun will quickly burn the weeds up. Stubborn weeds may require a second application and English ivy may resist the treatment all together, but most weeds will be gone in a few hours.

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  1. Vinegar seems to kill some small weeds popping up in paving and gravel but it is certainly not of any assistance in a lawn or border.

    In a border, hoeing and digging is the only way of controlling weeds. Mulch of bark or compost always rots down and is also of no use.

    In a lawn however, normal table salt is an excellent weedkiller. Spread liberally, it collects on broadleaf weed’s leaves and burns them. It falls of the small upright leaves of grasses and falls to the soil, topping up internal sodium and chloride-2-propanal levels in the soil giving healthier plants.

  2. We have fireants that you can not see because the grass is so thick. What is the best insectide for fire ants. It seems what ever we use they just move from one place in the yard to another? Or is it best just to hire a professional lawn service which can be costly?

    • Hi Ronnie,
      I had the same problem in my yard. Last spring I used a fertilizer spreader to broadcast a product called Over ‘n Out, that’s guaranteed to keep fire ants away for a year, on my entire yard. I haven’t had any fire ants at all in the six months since then. Check out our video on Fire Ant Removal for more information and a link to their website.

  3. Can I use ammonia or bleach on some stubbron Trumpet vine that is in a relatively small space between our garage and a 5 foot high fence? We have been cutting them back for yers, and just want them gone! No one will ever have a garden in that area.

  4. What is the best way to prevent or stop Crab grass, Dandelions and Prostate Spurge? I have all of these in the lawn. I have read about pre-emergents and need something that is not going to kill the grass and is safe or kids and pets.

  5. Hi. I do a morning foot soak of Apple cider vinegar added to my bucket of cold kitchen sink hot water waiting for warmup. After boiled water soak has cooled down I was wondering what I could do with this water. Great idea to kill weeds!

  6. What exactly is the best way to prevent or quit Crab grass, Dandelions and Prostate Spurge? I’ve all of those inside the lawn. I’ve study about pre-emergents and need to have anything that’s not going to kill the grass and is safe or kids and pets.

  7. Large sections of my back lawn is being taken over by clover. How can I eliminate the clover in favor of grass?

    • Hi, Tena!
      We provide questions (we receive thousands each year) to Danny Lipford, America’s leading home improvement expert, on a weekly basis. We’re not able to answer every question due to the high volume of mail we receive and Danny’s busy schedule, but we sure do our best.

      We encourage the community to help each other when they can. One fan may have the answer to another fan’s question, and we think that’s awesome. 🙂
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  8. If I pour the vinegar/epsom salt on the dirt to hopefully kill off the roots of the lamium that had invaded my flower bed, will it affect the spirea and the peony that are close by (approx a foot away)?

  9. Will this kill my Aloe Vera ? I’ve been looking for a weed killer that won’t damage them . My Aloe Vera are rather big .

  10. I have a boxer with severe allergies on her feet. Yard has numerous weeds and stickers. If I killer them with vinegar will grass grow there afterwards


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