Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one the most popular fruits grown by homeowners, but many of us aren’t really sure what the best method is to insure we have healthy plants and good fruit. Here are some tips for growing tomatoes:

  • First, protect the plants from cutworms. These creatures gnaw at the base of the stem, so wrap a two-inch wide strip of aluminum foil around the stem before you plant and let it extend an inch or so into the soil.
  • If you fertilize, choose one that has higher second and third number. Chemical fertilizers have a three number code that describes the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in them. The two latter elements control fruit production, disease resistance, stem strength, color and taste.
  • Finally, water consistently. Inconsistent watering may cause the fruit to crack or split.


Danny Lipford: Barbara when I plant tomatoes, they look really good just like this but only for a couple of weeks and boom, they keel right over.

Barbara: Oh Danny, you know what you’ve got is tomato cutworms. So what you need to do when you plant them is just get some tin foil and cut a strip 2″ wide, wrap it around the stem, and make sure you go about an inch into the soil and your plant should grow beautifully.

Danny Lipford: Okay what about fertilizer, I mean all those kinds of different fertilizer, what’s kind do I need to buy to take care of my tomatoes.

Barbara: You know all the fertilizers have three numbers. The first number, which is nitrogen, makes everything grow incredibly leafy huge leaves; but it’s the second two numbers which encourage the flowers and the roots so that’s what you want, you want those last two numbers to be much, much higher than the first number and if you can just remember that, that will help you with all of your tomato plants.

Danny Lipford: What about watering? Do they like a lot of water, a little water, no water, what’s best for them?

Barbara: Like anything they need water, but for tomatoes especially it’s critical to give them consistent water because what will happen is that if they get very thirsty and then you give them consistant water, if not, you’ll see the fruit actually swells and then split and that’s really disappointing. So just try and give them consistent water and give them a little bit of fertilizer and you have tomatoes all summer long.


  1. Tomatoe Plants: My Dad use to cut the tomato
    suckers on the inside or base of plants while
    they are growing. If I remmber right they were small and some had flowers on them. why
    is this done my Grandfather would also do it. My Grandparents came from Italy.
    Could tomato plants be planted in the full sun or partial sun and shade..Thank you you have a good understanding about growing..

  2. Wanted to ask, my tomatoe plants get to growing then the bottom turns brown and it looks like its rotten on the bottom, what can I do, or what am I doing wrong

  3. My tomatoes grow really good for a while then start wilting and die. I had heard there is a formula of peroxide and epsom salt that will stop it.

  4. What causes the leaves on tomato plants to curl up. The trunk is really string, already has some small fruit, but leaves are curling up.


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