To Bag or Not to Bag the Grass Clipping in Your Yard

Whether you bag the clipping when you cut your grass, or mulch them back into your lawn, depends on how often you cut your yard.

If you let the grass grow long and cut your yard infrequently, bagging may be the best option. But if you cut your grass more often, mulching offers some great benefits, including:

  • It cuts mowing time by as much as one-third.
  • It reduces the need for fertilizer, since it gives the yard a nitrogen boost.
  • It’s good for the environment, since they’re no messy bags or clipping to deal with.

Watch this video to find out more.


To Bag or Not to Bag? That’s the question when it comes to mowing the lawn.

The answer is in your mowing habits. If you let the grass grow long and cut it infrequently, bagging may be best for you. But if you cut more often, you’ll love a mulching mower because it offers some great benefits.

Mulching cuts mowing time by as much as a third, it reduces the need for fertilizer since the clippings give the lawn a nitrogen boost, and it’s good for the environment since there are no messy bags of clippings to deal with.

This tip brought to you by John Deere, Nothing Runs like a Deere.


  1. Video is nice but it offers exactly the same information as the text… so no need or benefit to watch it unless you just want to watch some guy mow a nice lawn 🙂

    • Hi Gary – Thanks for your comment. Some of our web visitors are hearing impaired, and we try to give them as much of the information as we can. The text also helps when people are searching for specific information that is only included in the audio of the clip.

  2. the boy that mows my lawn, mowed my lawn without a bagger the first time and raked it leaving behind grass on the lawn. I had him use a bagger the second time and it left rows of grass clippings on the lawn. Why would the bagger leave so much grass on the lawn?

    • Hi, Kathy!
      Malfunctions can occur with any machine; this could be due to various reasons. For instance, wet grass could be a factor (dry grass is lighter and easier to pass through the bagger); then again, the mower blades themselves could be the issue. If they don’t cut the grass just right, the grass clippings won’t pass through the chute. We recommend investigating the equipment and the time of day when the mowing has occurred, and determining whether the grass was wet.
      Thanks for your question!

  3. I find that if u leave grass cuttings makes the garden or gravel or lawn look unkept. Better to bag. If u cut lawn everyweek and don’t bag it it creates a mat that prevents deep watering to get down into the grass roots. . in gravel areas that grass mat traps dirt after awhile it looks like u have bare spots cause gravel is now buried .


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