How to Conduct a Soil Test

If your lawn or garden isn’t developing like you want it to, the problem may be as elemental as the soil itself. A soil test is the answer. Some do-it-yourself tests are available at nurseries and home centers but for a really thorough test you may want to take a sample to your county extension agent.

To collect your sample, dig down about 3 or 4 inches in several different areas of your yard. Take a scoop or two from each location (each with the same consistency) and mix them together in a clean plastic container. This will allow you to get a profile of the whole property.


  1. Thanks for info on conducting a soil analysis. My yard is full of clovers.

    So I’ll be heading to our local extension office Monday and let you know what are the results

  2. I have added too much baking powder to my tomato in pots. They are quickly turning yellow How do i correct the condition Silas Garrett I think they are dieing


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